We’re still a few years away from fully autonomous cars being allowed on the roads but there are a plethora of tech and car companies that are now aggressively testing their self-driving car technology out on public roads. It has now been confirmed that self-driving Nissan Leaf cars will take to the streets in London next month making it the first time that the Japanese company will test its self-driving car technology out in the real world in Europe.


Nissan previously demonstrated its self-driving car technology on public roads in its home country of Japan back in October 2015. It later expanded the trials to Silicon Valley last year.

Nissan has the government’s support in this endeavor. The country’s government recognizes that these trials will help it become a “world leader in the development and testing of auto technology.”

The company hasn’t confirmed what routes its self-driving Leaf vehicles will take in the UK but it does mention that the cars will only ply on “public roads with full agreement from the relevant local authorities.”

As is the case with all self-driving car tests these days, a human driver will be behind the wheel at all times to take over should something go wrong. The car will drive itself, for the most part, the human is essentially there as insurance.

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