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Nokia 8.1 Plus May Adopt A Camera Hole Display As Well
If 2018 was defined by the notch then it appears that 2019 will be defined by the camera hole. Display manufacturers have come up with another way of maximizing the screen real estate. It involves putting the camera in a cutout inside the display thus removing the notch and freeing up more space. HMD Global might be adopting this for an upcoming Nokia device.

Goldman Sachs Thinks Apple Could Be The Next Nokia
Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook went on record where he admitted that the company was seeing a weak demand for its iPhones, particularly in China. This also resulted in Apple slashing their financial estimates, which unfortunately also resulted in the share prices of Apple falling, causing the company to lose a fair chunk of its market value.

Nokia 9 PureView Will Feature An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
In-display fingerprint sensors were launched in early 2018 when Vivo was one of the first smartphone companies to adopt it. It has since seen further adoption by other companies like Huawei and OnePlus, and it looks like Nokia is expected to use the feature as well in its upcoming Nokia 9 PureView.

Nokia 9 PureView Could Be Announced End Of January
Recently we have been hearing rumors about the Nokia 9 PureView, which for those unfamiliar is an Android smartphone that will be packing a penta-lens camera design. Based on the leaks we’ve been seeing so far, it seems like the phone is ripe for an official announcement, which now we are hearing could set for an end January 2019 announcement.


Alleged Nokia 9 Case Leaked, Reveals Penta-Lens Camera Design
If you thought that companies such as Huawei and Samsung were pushing the limits with smartphones with a triple and quad camera setup, think again. Several months ago we heard rumors that HMD Global might have a new Nokia smartphone in the works with a penta-lens design, and now more evidence has surfaced that such a device exists.

Over 70 Million Nokia Phones Have Been Sold Since 2017
HMD Global is the company that brought Nokia smartphones back to life. It acquired the rights for the brand a couple of years ago and released the first Nokia-branded smartphone, the Nokia 6, early last year. It has launched several models since then and the company has now revealed that it has so far sold 70 million Nokia phones.

Nokia 8 Android Pie Update Release May Not Be That Far Off
HMD Global has been rather quick to roll out the Android 9 Pie update for its compatible devices. The Nokia 7.1 got the Pie update just yesterday. Many have been wondering when the Nokia 8 would be updated. It appears that the Nokia 8 Android Pie update release may not be that far off.

Nokia 106 Feature Phone Launched With All-Day Battery Life
While smartphones have become the defacto way in terms of communications, there are plenty of users around the world who might not have the money for a smartphone, which explains why 10 years after Apple revitalized the smartphone industry, there are still feature phones being produced and sold.

Renders For Nokia's Five Camera Smartphone Leaked
It was first rumored a couple of months ago that Nokia may have a new smartphone up its sleeve with a grand total of five cameras at the back. No other manufacturer has a penta-camera setup at the back right now. Samsung was the first to put four at the back with the recently launched Galaxy A9. There’s no word as yet when this device, dubbed Nokia 9, will arrive […]

Nokia Phones Could Be Returning To Verizon
The Nokia of today is different from what most of us grew up with. A Finnish company called HMD Global has licensed the brand name and it’s the one making these Nokia smartphones now. The company is apparently bringing its mid-range smartphones to the United States through a carrier partnership with Verizon. If the information is accurate, it would be the first Nokia-branded smartphone on Verizon since the Windows Phone-powered […]

Nokia 3.1 Plus Officially Announced
There is a common misconception that cheap phones don’t offer the best user experience. This really depends from manufacturer to manufacturer as we have seen some budget phones that have gone on to become extremely popular. For those who aren’t in the market for a phone that would cost them an arm and a leg, HMD Global is happy to oblige.

HMD Global Shares Nokia Android 9.0 Pie Update Timeline
The problem with Android phones is that when it comes to updates, it’s hard to predict when the update will be released for your phone, if at all. Generally speaking flagship phones are safe for at least two updates, but what about the rest? Thankfully HMD Global isn’t being picky about its updates and have announced the timeline for its Android Pie update for its Nokia phones.

Nokia True Wireless, Pro Wireless Earphones Announced
Just like how wired internet connections tend to be faster and more stable compared to wireless, the same can be said for wired headphones, but then there is also the convenience factor where you don’t need to worry about cables, plus with smartphones these days ditching the headphone jack, it’s easy to see why more are turning to wireless options.

HMD Confirms Android Pie Delay For Nokia 7 Plus
If you’re the owner of the Nokia 7 Plus and you’ve been eagerly waiting for the Android 9.0 Pie update, it seems that you might have to wait a tad longer because in a tweet by HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas, he has confirmed that the update might be delayed due to certain bugs.

HMD Global Announces Event For October 4
In recent times we have been hearing rumors that new Nokia phones could be in the works. For example there is that penta-lens Nokia smartphone that has been leaked multiple times, and last we heard there were also rumors that Nokia could have a gaming smartphone in the works (assuming these two devices aren’t one and the same).

Nokia Could Be Working On A Gaming Smartphone
Many companies have come out with their own gaming smartphones and it’s now believed that Nokia could end up going down this road as well. HMD Global, the company that makes Nokia smartphones now, hasn’t said anything about developing a gaming smartphone but a tweet from one of the company’s official accounts might have been hinting at this possibility.

Nokia's Five Camera Smartphone Leaks Again
An image leaked out of China earlier this week and suggested that perhaps there’s a Nokia smartphone in the pipeline that has five rear cameras. It wasn’t the most clear of images so there was the possibility that it could be a fake. A much clearer image of this device has now surfaced and yet again we can see five lenses at the back assembled in the most unusual fashion.It’s […]

Nokia's First Penta-Lens Smartphone Possibly Leaked
There have been lots of rumors about Nokia developing a penta-lens smartphone. That would mean the handset will tout five camera lenses at the back. The company has never said anything about such a device but an image has leaked out of China which suggests that it may have developed the deviceThe image was originally posted on a network in China and was later deleted. It has since been archived […]

HMD Acquires Nokia PureView Trademark From Microsoft
Back in the day when Microsoft still owned Nokia’s mobile division and made their own phones (remember those days?), the company released a set of phones with a high megapixels and branded them as Nokia PureView smartphones. Now it looks like HMD could have plans to release such smartphones in the future as well as they have recently acquired the trademarks to it.

Apple’s 5G iPhones Could End Up Being Very Expensive
It is only a matter of time before 5G networks become the standard in the mobile industry, which means that phone manufacturers need to quickly hop on board the 5G bandwagon and start producing 5G capable handsets. Apple will obviously be one of those companies, but if you thought that the company’s existing iPhones were expensive, its 5G models could cost more.