Looking forward to some giant OLED displays next year? Well there have been reports that display manufacturers, LG and Samsung, are set to debut 55” OLED displays during CES 2012. To further corroborate this possibility, LG Display’s CEO Kwon Young-soo told reporters back in July that the company was shifting development away from smaller and unprofitable OLED displays to 55” models.

OLED displays tend to produce fantastic colors and use low amounts of power, however producing them does not come cheap. What this translates to for us consumers is that unless both LG and Samsung have come up with a way to manufacture 55” OLED displays cheaply, expect to pay a king’s ransom for these new displays, especially since LG’s 2010 15” OLED display was already going for $2,500. So if you were planning to get a nice new display for 2012, you better start saving.

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