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Huawei Dethrones Samsung As Most Profitable Android Brand
Huawei has seen considerable growth in its smartphone business over the past year so much so that a new report suggests that the company has now dethroned Samsung as the most profitable Android brand. However, one has to take into account the fact that Samsung was stung by the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 which would have otherwise brought in a lot of money for the company.

Samsung’s Smartphone Market Share Drops To Its Lowest In 2 Years
The smartphone market at the moment is saturated and with the arrival of more Chinese OEMs, customers are starting to realize that in order to get a good smartphone, they don’t necessarily have to fork out $600-$700 for one. Instead we’re seeing companies like OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Huawei offer up competing handsets for much less.

OPPO F1s Selfie Smartphone Launched
In a world where selfies are becoming increasingly common, manufacturers certainly have to up their game. For example we’re seeing camera makers create cameras aimed at selfie lovers, or at the very least including features and functions that selfie lovers can take advantage of. Smartphone OEMs have also hopped on board by offering up better front-facing cameras.

Oppo Is China’s Number One Smartphone Maker
Oppo is a company that we hear about every now and then, although to be fair most of their products tend to be sold within the Asian region. However could Oppo be a company that Apple and Samsung needs to keep an eye on in the future? Perhaps, especially with the numbers released by Counterpoint (via GSMArena) are accurate.


Chinese Vendors Are Fast Becoming The World's Top Smartphone Companies
Over the past few years there has been an influx of Chinese smartphone vendors who have not only managed to capture a significant chunk of their lucrative home market, but have since started venturing out to other markets across the globe, which is why it’s not surprising to see that these companies are fast becoming the top smartphone vendors in the world. A new research report finds that eight of […]

Oppo F1 Plus FC Barcelona Edition Follows Tradition
Oppo is one of the sponsors of FC Barcelona, the all conquering football side in the Spanish La Liga, although they did miss out on Champions League glory this year after falling away to one of their La Liga challengers, Atletico Madrid. Still, this does not mean that a side with the fearsome attacking trident of Messi, Suarez and Neymar should be dismissed! You can be sure that wit a […]

Oppo Shows Off Their Own Foldable Smartphone Prototype
Recently Samsung’s own foldable display was demonstrated at an event which lent credence to rumors that the company is now one step closer to launching a smartphone with a foldable display, something that has been rumored about for a while now. However it looks like Oppo wants in on the fun as well.

Samsung Now Commands 23% Of Global Smartphone Market
It is no secret that when it comes to Android smartphones, Samsung is probably one of the better well-known brands. The company’s portfolio also appeals to customers across various demographics, ranging from those who are shopping for a cheap phone, to those who want nothing but the best.

Oppo’s Super VOOC Flash Charge Might Make It Into The OnePlus 3
Several days ago thanks to a trademark filing, it was revealed that OnePlus registered for the trademark “Dash Charge”. Based on the name and the fact that many smartphones these days are packing some form of fast charging technology, it was speculated that maybe OnePlus could be looking to introduce their own brand of fast charging tech.

Oppo F1 Plus Is Now Official
It looks like the Oppo F1 Plus, which was deemed to be the rebadged version of the Oppo R9, is now made official, where it will come with speedy fingerprint recognition as teased earlier one week back. The Oppo F1 Plus will be making its way to the African, Southeast Asian and European markets, and it will certainly make a mark in terms of design that allows it to keep […]

Oppo Find 9 Spotted On GFXBench
Benchmark sites are pretty interesting to comb through it you have the aptitude for it, especially since they are able to reveal details that normal folks would have missed, including the kind of hardware specifications that come with it. Of course, sometimes it would be prototypes of the device that are tested out on the benchmark site, which might not be an accurate reflection of the actual device. Here’s keeping […]

Oppo F1 Plus Is Actually A Rebadged R9
There has been a fair bit of buzz concerning the Oppo F1 Plus in recent times, and it has certainly led to expectations that this might very well be the next version, or perhaps souped up model in some aspects of the Oppo F1, the self-proclaimed selfie expert handset. Well, it sees that the Oppo F1 Plus is actually nothing more than a rebadged Oppo R9 that is meant to […]

Alleged Oppo F1 Plus Teased
While the Oppo F1 was offically launched in late January this year, a day after that, there was mention of an Oppo F1 Plus – which would certainly give the impression that it is a larger sized handset that would more or less retain the selfie loving features of the original Oppo F1. Having said that, here is a teaser of the upcoming Oppo F1 Plus by the Indonesian Facebook […]

Oppo R9 And R9 Plus Set To Launch Outside Of China
Yesterday, we brought you word on how the Oppo R9 as well as the larger sized Oppo R9 Plus did pretty well upon launch in its home market in China, and here we are with word that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is currently working things out to release the device outside of China, now how about that? It looks like media invites for the device has been sent out for […]