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Porsche Will Set Up 500 Fast Charging Stations In The U.S.
Porsche is one of the many big car manufacturers who are making major moves in the electric car market. The company today announced its plans to set up a network of fast charging stations in the United States much like Tesla’s Supercharger network. Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer has revealed today that the company is going to set up at least 500 fast charging stations for electric cars […]

Porsche Flying Car Could Become A Reality
German manufacturer Porsche makes some of the most desirable cars in the world and it appears that the company wants to expand that reach into flying cars as well. It may join the long list of companies that are thinking about developing flying cars which may form the basis for a flying taxi service. Uber is particularly interested in the flying taxi space as it has reiterated time and time […]

Audi And Porsche To Develop A Common Platform For Electric Cars
Porsche and Audi are just two of the several brands owned by auto giant Volkswagen. The two brands already share car components between them, for example, the Porsche Cayenne and Macan have the same chassis as the Audi Q7 and Q5, and this sharing between the VW-owned brands will continue in the age of electric cars as well. It has been confirmed that Porsche and Audi will co-develop a new […]

Porsche Launches A $2,000 A Month Car Subscription Service
So you’ve probably heard of subscription services for books, music, videos, but a car subscription service? Those aren’t that common, but it seems that Porsche is hoping that there will be a demand for it. The company has recently launched a car subscription service of their own which basically allows members to swap around various Porsche cars.


Porsche Mission E Electric Car Gets Spotted
Porsche unveiled its Mission E all-electric sports car concept about a year ago. The company recently confirmed more details about this car a few weeks back. It’s working on it now and aiming to launch it in 2019. The Porsche Mission E electric car has been photographed in the wild for the very first time. This more or less confirms that Porsche has now started testing the car on actual […]

Porsche Mission E Electric Sports Car Price And Details Revealed
Like many other major car manufacturers, Porsche is also jumping on the all-electric bandwagon. The company showcased its first four-door all-electric sports car concept at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show. The concept car was called the Porsche Mission E. The company has now confirmed some details about the price and specifications of its first electric sports car.

Porsche's New Electric Car Charger Just Needs Minutes To Power The Car
Even with Tesla’s rapid Superchargers, owners have to wait for an hour or more to get a decent amount of power in their Tesla’s battery before they set off again. Porsche is making a big move in the electric car industry as it’s working hard to get its all-electric models out on the road. The company has also shown off its new charging technology for cars. It’s new high-speed car […]

Microsoft Inks Six-Year Partnership With Porsche For Forza
Microsoft has announced that its Turn 10 Studios has signed a new partnership with Porsche which will span six years and will be focused on the Forza franchise of racing simulators. The partnership kicks off with the open registration for Porsche’s esports sponsorship debut in the Forza Racing Championship Season 3: The Porsche Cup.

Porsche Design Unveils 2-in-1 Windows 10 Convertible
[MWC 2017] Porsche Design might be a name familiar to some of you, where in the past the company has collaborated with the likes of BlackBerry to create Porsche Design BlackBerry smartphones. Recently Porsche Design also teamed up with Huawei for a special version of the Huawei Watch 2, and now it looks like they’re applying their design philosophy to tablets.

This (Unsafe) Hack Lets You Play Doom On A Porsche [Update]
Update – Turns out that this was meant to be a funny video and that it is actually not real.One of the favorite things modders and hackers like to do is to push the boundary of hardware and software, where what used to be thought of as impossible is now possible. For example just last year someone managed to get Doom up and running on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, […]

Porsche Cars May Soon Arrive In Non-EA Racing Games
You might not have thought about this much but can you name racing games in which Porsche cars are available? You might find it hard to name such titles because Porsche has had a long exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts which limited the company’s cars from appearing in any racing games other than the ones made by EA. With the exclusivity deal coming to an end soon it’s possible that […]

Carmakers Announce Plans For EV Chargers Along Highways In Europe
As much as many people would love to adopt electric vehicles, we suppose there is still that bit of fear regarding the availability of EV chargers. After all no one likes their car dying in the middle of nowhere, right? While EV chargers are starting to become more common, they aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as gas stations.

LEGO Unveils Porsche GT3 RS With Moving Engine Parts
In the past we have seen LEGO come up with some highly-detailed replicas of cars, but if you’re looking for something that’s more than just a shell of a car, you might be interested in checking out the recently unveiled LEGO Technic Porsche GT3 RS which we have to say, is pretty damn detailed as they come.

VW And Porsche Recalling 800,000 Cars Over Possible Faulty Pedal
Volkswagen has issued another major recall worldwide but this one is not related to its emissions scandal. VW and its Porsche group are recalling about 800,000 Touareg and Cayenne SUVs worldwide due to a possible fault in the pedal system. The problem was detected during internal checks following which the company decided that it needed to issue a recall for almost a million SUVs.