Even with Tesla’s rapid Superchargers, owners have to wait for an hour or more to get a decent amount of power in their Tesla’s battery before they set off again. Porsche is making a big move in the electric car industry as it’s working hard to get its all-electric models out on the road. The company has also shown off its new charging technology for cars. It’s new high-speed car chargers need just minutes to almost fill up the car’s batteries.

Porsche has opened a new office in Berlin, Germany which houses its first two super-fast 800-volt chargers. The chargers can only charge existing electric cars at up to a 150kW charge rate. This is still faster than the Tesla Superchargers that have a charge rate of 120kW.

The German high-performance car manufacturer says that the chargers will be able to support up to 350kW charge rate for electric cars coming out in the future. This would mean that the charger will be capable of proverbially filling up Porsche’s upcoming Mission E electric car up to 80 percent in 15 minutes.

Porsche has said that it’s going to work with other car manufacturers in Europe to install more 350kW-supported charging stations across Europe. Tesla is working on putting up faster Superchargers as well so it goes without saying that charging your electric car will require less and less time in the future.

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