How To Encrypt Your Android Phone or Tablet

There is no doubt that we store a lot of sensitive data to our phones these days; from sensitive photos and personal emails to a social security number and banking statements. Therefore, there is definitely a lot of data in there that you would want to keep away from any prying eyes.

Congress Wants To Know How Amazon Is Protecting The Privacy Of Kids Using The Echo Dot

Not too long ago, Amazon unveiled the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Function wise this is more or less the same as the regular Echo Dot, except that it comes with a bunch of features aimed at kids, but at the end of the day it is still a smart speaker. Unsurprisingly this has raised many questions about the privacy of kids, which is a question that Congress wants to know.

Google Now Lets Users Delete Search History That They Keep On You

Browsers keep a history of websites we view online as well as our downloads, but did you know that Google also stores a log of what you search for, browse, or view online? However the good news is that if you’d rather not Google have a log of those details online, then you’ll be pleased to learn that you’ll now be able to delete them.

Signal’s Messages On macOS Aren’t Disappearing Completely

One of the main reasons one would use the Signal messaging app is that it has a feature in which messages sent on it will disappear after a predetermined amount of time. This means that users can have truly private conversations that will not leave any traces behind once it is all said and done.


Android P Lets You Know What Background Apps Are Using The Camera Or Microphone

When you install a new app whether it be on iOS or Android, sometimes it asks for permission, such as access to your camera, photos, microphone, notifications, and so on. For the layman, these permissions might seem a bit scary and confusing, and sometimes it can result in them saying “yes” just so they can use the app.

Apple Cracking Down On Apps That Send Location Data To Third-Parties

Apple has long extolled the virtues of its iOS platform, claiming that it is safe, secure, and more importantly how they value the privacy of their users, so much so that according to reports, it seems that Apple is cracking down on apps that send location data to third-parties. Some of these apps have been removed, while some have gotten warnings.

Twitter Reportedly Developing A ‘Secret’ Encrypted Messages Feature

Messaging apps and services these days are placing an emphasis on security and privacy where they’re including end-to-end encryption to protect the contents of messages being sent and received. Unfortunately this has resulted in apps and services raising the ire of several governments.

Cambridge Analytica Shutting Down Following Facebook Data Scandal

If you have been following the news, you might have heard that Facebook was recently embroiled in a data privacy scandal, where a company called Cambridge Analytica was accused of misusing the data that they had gotten from Facebook, resulting in Facebook pulling their access to their data.

WhatsApp’s Other Co-Founder Announces Plans To Leave The Company

WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, with the latter departing the company back in 2017 several years after Facebook had acquired the company. Now it looks like WhatsApp’s other co-founder, Jan Koum, will also be leaving the company according to an announcement he shared on Facebook.

Amazon’s Alexa Had A Flaw Which Allowed Others To Eavesdrop

There are some concerns that users have with smart speakers and that is they typically come with an always-listening feature. This is usually done so that the speaker can react when the trigger phrase is spoken, but there are some who are worried that as a result of this feature, companies are listening in all the time and invading their privacy.

WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Export Their Account Information

In the wake of Facebook’s data privacy scandal, it is not surprising that the scrutiny has also extended to other Facebook products and services, such as WhatsApp. The good news is that if you were wondering about what kind of data WhatsApp collects on you, the company has recently announced (via TechCrunch) a data download tool.

Toyota Cites Privacy Concerns Over Android Auto

While many carmakers have rushed to include features like Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, Toyota seems to be one of the few who are holding out, at least as far as Android Auto is concerned. Earlier this year Toyota announced plans to include CarPlay in future vehicles, but failed to mention anything about Android Auto.

Facebook Reminds Users That Other Companies Harvest Their Data Too

At the moment Facebook is under immense scrutiny following the data privacy scandal. The focus does seem to be pretty much all on Facebook at the moment, but the company would like to point out and remind users that they aren’t alone in gathering user data, and that quite a few tech companies do it too.

Opera’s Free VPN App Will Be Shutting Down April 30

There are several VPN services available out there, but some of them require users to pay a monthly subscription. However several years ago, Opera announced their own free VPN app for mobile that launched on both iOS and Android, but unfortunately it seems that Opera has ultimately decided to shut its services down.