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Google's Project Ara Pilot Testing Will Take Place In Puerto Rico
We have known about Project Ara, Google’s vision for modular smartphones, for quite some time now and today additional details have been provided by the company. Google held its second Project Ara developers conference in Mountain View today and revealed that the pilot testing will kick off in the second half of 2015. The interesting bit is that the pilot testing won’t be done in the U.S., instead Puerto Rico […]

Google Announces Marvell And NVIDIA Chipset Options For Project Ara
Most of you guys have probably heard of Google’s Project Ara by now. For those who haven’t, this is an upcoming smartphone by Google that will feature modular components. What this means is that users will be able to swap out certain components depending on their need, so for example you could swap out a camera module for one with a better sensor, or one that records video better, and […]

Project Ara Gains Health Module With Pulse Oximeter Addon
Project Ara is a project worth getting excited over. After all thanks to its modular design, it basically allows users to swap parts in and out depending on their needs. For example if you’re not happy with the camera, feel free to swap it out for a better one. Battery not big enough? Swap that out for a larger one. Easy.Now Project Ara is expected to launch in 2015 and […]

Working Project Ara Prototype Shown Off On Video
Project Ara is set for a release in 2015 which means that its developers only have a few more months to get the device ready and working and into production for the masses. That being said, have you ever wondered how Project Ara will work? Well a new video has been released and it shows off a working prototype of the device in question.It should be pointed out that the […]


Project Ara To Get Its Own Dedicated Marketplace
We know that many of you guys out there are looking forward to Project Ara being made a reality. That will be taking place in 2015 according to Google, but what sort of components could you buy upon its launch, and where would you buy them? Well it seems that Google has a plan on setting up a separate marketplace in which Project Ara’s components would be sold at.This was […]

Project Ara To Come With Modified Android L To Support Hot-Swappable Modules
At the rate Google is progressing, it looks like they could meet their schedule of launching Project Ara in 2015 where it will be made widely available to the public. That being said while Project Ara will be an Android device, it turns out that it will run on a modified version of Android L, at least that’s according to Google’s Paul Eremenko.According to Eremenko, the reason behind the use […]

Project Ara To Get New Rockchip SoC
Assuming that everything goes according to plan, there is a good chance that Google could be set to release Project Ara in 2015. Now given that we still have a few more months until 2015, this means that there are probably still plenty of revisions Google could make to Project Ara ahead of its release.Well the good news is that it looks like one of those revisions includes an upgraded […]

Google Begins Taking Requests For Project Ara
Google’s Project Ara is an exciting project to look forward to. After all how many times have we complained about how a certain smartphone would be perfect if it had this feature or if it had that feature, and so on. However rarely do OEMs make a smartphone that is able to please everyone, which is what makes Project Ara so exciting – the ability to make the phone of […]

Google's Project Ara Enters Into Beta
Back in 2013, Project Ara was unveiled. For those unfamiliar, Project Ara is essentially a project worked on by Google that aims to bring a modular smartphone to the masses. What do we mean by this? Basically it has modular components that users can swap out as they wish, so if you wanted a better camera module, all you’d have to do is swap out the current one for something […]

Toshiba Will Reportedly Supply Project Ara's Chipsets
When it comes to chipsets on smartphones, most of the time we tend to see Qualcomm’s chipsets being used. There are times when we see other brands in the mix, like MediaTek, Samsung, NVIDIA, and once in a while, Intel. So with Project Ara, which chipset manufacturer could Google be turning to?Well it turns out that Google will be turning to neither of the companies mentioned above. Instead, Google will […]

Project Ara Could See Sennheiser's Audio Technology Featured In It
When it comes to audio on our smartphones, they’re usually pretty passable, unless you’re talking about some models which features higher quality components, like the HTC One M8 for Sprint or the Lumigon T2 HD which features audio technology from the likes of Harman/Kardon and Bang & Olufsen respectively.Some might not necessarily be able to appreciate such components, but in case you fancy yourself as an audiophile, or someone who […]

Flippypad Concept Shows How Project Ara As A Handheld Gaming Console
Google’s Project Ara is unique in the sense that it allows users to swap out certain components for another component, so for example if you wanted to upgrade your phone’s camera, you’d just have to swap out the part for something else, as opposed to having to buy an entirely new phone. That being said we’ve seen how Project Ara can also be linked to wearables, but what about gaming?In […]

Toshiba Shows How Project Ara's Modularity Can Be Applied To Wearables
Google’s Project Ara is a pretty unique and interesting concept. The idea is to allow users to continuously upgrade their phones and swap out parts to create the phone of their dreams. For example right now we are pretty much limited in terms of customizability. For example you might like this phone’s design, but its camera is somewhat lacking, or you like a set of features from a particular brand […]

Google Offering $100,000 For Best Project Ara Module
Google’s Project Ara is expected to make its way into the hands of consumers in January 2015, assuming that everything goes to plan. However what good is a modular smartphone if there aren’t any modules for it, right? Kind of like how BlackBerry hosted a developer marathon to try and get as many BlackBerry 10 apps ready in time for BlackBerry 10’s launch, Google is planning something similar with Project […]

ETA For Project Ara's Release Set For January 2015
So today Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference kicked off and while we’re sure many developers are being treated to the sights of the device and some of the possibilities that it could bring to the table, we’re sure end-users such as ourselves and our readers are probably wondering when will the Ara device be released to the public?Well the good news is that users won’t have to wait too long […]

First Working Project Ara Prototype To Be Ready This Month
One of the decisions we make when choosing smartphones is deciding if we are happy to trade off one feature for the other. For example you might like the HTC One M8’s design, but you prefer the Sony Xperia Z2’s camera, or you might like the Nokia Lumia 930’s design but prefer the Lumia 1520’s large screen instead.This is why Google’s Project Ara has managed to get so much attention […]

Project Ara Demonstrated In Video
Google has shed more light concerning the Project Ara modular smartphone, despite the very first Ara Developers Conference being set to happen this coming April 15th. What you see above happens to be a video of the team behind the project, where it clearly lets the world know in no uncertain terms on how the smartphone of the future will stay together, in addition to the individual modules’ ability to […]

Project Ara Shown Off And Demonstrated During Launch Conference
Project Ara is a project being worked on by Google at the moment which is a modular smartphone concept where the goal is to swap out components and upgrade them as needed, much like how one would upgrade their desktop PC by swapping out RAM, hard drives, and GPUs.Google will be hosting their first Ara Developers’ Conference in April, but in the meantime it seems that they are too excited […]

Project Ara Modular Smartphone To Cost $50 (Rumor)
Google looks all set to launch its first Project Ara developer’s conference this coming April, but is there all there is that meets the eye? Well, assuming Google has its very own way, it ought to cost approximately $50 a pop, assuming you have it arrive in just the standard edition minus all of the bells and whistles. In fact, the very same team behind Project Ara intends to roll […]

Google To Host First Ara Developers' Conference In April
One of the cooler concepts that we are actually interested in seeing made a reality is Project Ara. The project was originally announced back in 2013 by Phonebloks, before it was revealed that Motorola would be helping to turn the project into an actual product. What made Project Ara so unique? Well for starters it is a completely modular phone.What this means is that users will be able to swap […]