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Kama Stereo Headset Arrives For PS4 And PS Vita
Gaming headsets are dime a dozen in the market, so to make the right pick could prove to be a rather challenging task for a gamer who is relatively wet behind the ears. Mad Catz has the owners of the Sony PS4 and Sony PS Vita in their crosshairs by introducing the new Kama stereo headset which is touted to deliver affordable quality, comfort and simplicity in a single package. […]

Sony Blames Smartphones And Tablets For Poor PS Vita Sales
Our smartphones these days are more than capable of playing video games. In fact some of the games for smartphones have been beautifully designed, like the Infinity Blade franchise, for example, so in terms of graphics, saying that our phones can’t handle it is no longer applicable, although that might have been true many years ago. Basically what this means is that forking out money for a separate handheld console […]

PS Vita Welcome Box Arrives In Japan
Now here is something that you might want to consider purchasing if you happen to live in Japan – the PS Vita Welcome Box, assuming that you do not already own the PS Vita in the first place. The PS Vita will be sold in a new ‘Welcome Box’ bundle in the Land of the Rising Sun, where players will be able to gain an instant window into games that […]

PS4 Helped Boost PS Vita Sales In The UK
Earlier this year, Sony announced their brand new console, the PlayStation 4, and one of the features of the PS4 was the  Remote Play feature which was somewhat similar to what Nintendo had in mind with the Wii U and the GamePad, where gamers could mirror what was being played on the screen onto the handheld console. However given that it wasn’t completely necessary, we wouldn’t have been surprised if […]


Retailer Sends Free PlayStation Vita Units, Then Threatens Legal Action
Christmas came early for quite a few people in the UK who had ordered a £19.99 of PlayStation Vita game Tearaway from online retailer Zavvi. The retailer mistakenly shipping the Tearaway plus PlayStation Vita bundle to a few customers who effectively ended up with a free handheld gaming console. When a retailer messes up in such a way, in which customers aren’t responsible at all, one might expect that the […]

PS4, PS Vita Ultimate Bundle Promo Image Leaked
Just a few days ago, MCV spoke with Sony’s senior product manager Ben Law in regards to the possibility of there being a PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita bundle coming in the near future. According to Law, the PS4 / PS Vita bundle is expected to hit this holiday season, although Sony has yet to make any official announcements of the upcoming bundle. As much as we’d love some official news […]

PS4, PS Vita 'Ultimate Bundle' Coming In Time For The Holidays [Report]
Own a PlayStation Vita and a PlayStation 4? Then you’ll know just how awesome the PlayStation Vita’s remote play app works, allowing you to essentially take your console with you on the go as you can access it remotely. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t announced a bundle that will offer both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, although they’ve admitted they’re reconsidering this idea. It looks like that reconsidering may have done Sony some […]

Diablo 3 For PS4 Will Support Remote Play After All
Remember yesterday we reported that Diablo 3 for the PlayStation 4 would not support Remote Play? According to the game’s senior level designer, Matthew Berger, at that time he stated that the reason behind this was due to the PS Vita’s smaller screen, where a lot of the action might be missed and where things could get cramped because of it. Basically at the end of the day, Berger seemed […]

PS4 Remote Play For Diablo 3 Unlikely Due To PS Vita's Screen Size
At the moment Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is playable, as far as consoles are concerned, on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, but is expected to make its way onto next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 come 2014. Not only is this great news for PS4 gamers, but given the fact that the Sony PlayStation 4 console will support remote streaming onto devices like the PS Vita, essentially allowing […]

PS Vita 3.00 System Update Brings PS4 Link App
Sony announced today that it is rolling out PS Vita 3.00 system update. The latest update for its portable console brings a number of new features, including a new app called PS4 Link, one that would be appealing for those PS Vita owners waiting to pick up a PlayStation 4 come November 15th. PS4 Link app basically makes the Vita a companion device to the console, as through this app, gamers can […]

PSN Holds Halloween Sale Dropping Prices On The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead And More
Halloween is creeping ever so closely, which means things should be getting a little scarier around your town. We’re sure you already have the perfect Halloween costume for whatever ghoulish activities you have planned for that evening, although Sony would certainly like to help give you discounts on some of its more scary games that is currently available on the PlayStation Network.

PS4 Dedicated App 'PS4 Link' Releasing On PlayStation Vita In November
Sony already announced its PlayStation App will be headed to iOS and Android some time in November, with the app expected to interact with the PlayStation 4 in a number of ways. If you’re a PlayStation Vita owner or plan to be one, you’ll know Sony is betting big on its handheld device to help unlock the full potential of the PlayStation 4, and the first logical step would be […]

PS4, PS Vita Bundle Being Reconsidered By Sony
We heard rumors of Sony possibly considering bundling the PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation Vita sometime later this year for roughly $500. Shortly after that rumor surfaced, Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK boss Fergal Gara said there weren’t any plans to bring both devices together in one bundle. Now it looks like ole Gara is changing his tune a bit as he now says Sony is reconsidering a PlayStation 4 bundled with […]

Worms Revolution Extreme Headed To PS Vita
So you do own a PS Vita and are wondering just which particular game should you purchase next. Well, how about having some old school fun with Worms Revolution Extreme? This is the first Worms title that will arrive on the portable console from Sony, and those who are interested to pick a fight with the tough-as-nails worms will be able to download Worms Revolution Extreme on the PS Vita […]