Xiaomi Reportedly Developing Snapdragon-Powered Windows 10 PC

It was confirmed late last year that Windows 10 PCs powered by the next-generation Snapdragon chip will be released in 2017. HP and ASUS are two major manufacturers who are developing Windows 10-powered PCs touting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. Lenovo is said to be working on a Snapdragon 835-powered PC itself as well. If a new report is to be believed, Xiaomi is working on something similar.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: Features and Benchmarks

Like clockwork, Qualcomm has announced its Snapdragon 845 system on chip (SoC) and high-end Snapdragon platform which will power numerous high-end smartphones and possibly always-connected laptops throughout 2018. As always, a major architecture change brings new performance, efficiency, and features. After a very comprehensive briefing at the Snapdragon Summit 2017, here is our overview of Snapdragon 845, split into different areas of interest: Camera, Performance, Battery life, Connectivity, Immersion, AI, […]

HP Envy x2 Snapdragon Review: Hands-On

HP was one of the OEM partners that has presented a new Snapdragon-powered laptop at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Maui, Hawaii. The HP Envy x2 is an extremely thin 12.3-inch laptop built with a detachable tablet chassis. It is essentially a thin table which attaches to a Surface Pro like keyboard/stand with strong magnets. HP Boasts about ~20 hours of video playback, and weeks of standby power.

ASUS NovaGo Snapdragon Laptop Review: Hands-On

At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, ASUS has introduced its first Snapdragon-powered laptop, the ASUS NovaGo (model TP370). It is an always-connected laptop which has built-in Gigabit-class 4G LTE and comes with either 4GB or 8GB of RAM to cater to more demanding users. The NovaGo is designed to achieve superior battery life by using an extremely low power Snapdragon 835 chip, with its integrated Qualcomm X16 4G LTE modem. At […]


Qualcomm PC Push Materializes In ASUS and HP Laptops

After announcing its plans to enter the PC Windows 10 market at Computex in July, Qualcomm and its partners from ASUS and HP have announced upcoming “always-on” laptops powered by Snapdragon 835, the same chip used in most high-end Android smartphones. This marks an inflexion point in the PC space as two of the most frequent consumer demands might finally be addressed: always-on connectivity and more than a full day […]

Broadcom May Increase Bid For Qualcomm

Broadcom made an unsolicited $130 billion bid to acquire Qualcomm earlier this month. The company hasn’t put itself up for sale but Broadcom went ahead and bid $70 per share for the company anyway. Qualcomm took a few days to respond and ended up rejecting the bid. A recent report suggested that the company would be willing to sell at a higher price. Broadcom is now reportedly considering a revised […]

Analyst Claims 2018’s iPhones Will Allow For Gigabit Speeds

Ahead of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X’s announcement, it was rumored that the new iPhones would not be capable of reaching gigabit download speeds. It turns out that the rumors were true, but the good news is that 2018 is expected to change that, according to a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Qualcomm Investors Reportedly Seeking $80 Per Share For Broadcom Deal

Recently Broadcom announced that they would be placing a takeover bid for Qualcomm worth $130 billion, where it was reported that the company had offered to pay $70 per share. Qualcomm later rejected the bid in which they felt that what Broadcom had offered had undervalued the company.

iPhone X VS Galaxy Note 8 In LTE Speed Showdown

Apple’s iPhones currently do not support gigabit download speeds, or rather to ensure a uniform experience across iPhones, Apple has capped the speeds on iPhones using Qualcomm’s modems to match those of Intel’s. For those who are wondering what’s the difference, a video uploaded by Booredatwork.com on YouTube demonstrates the differences.

Apple’s 2018 iPhones Expected To Feature Faster Baseband Chips

Apple tends to source from multiple suppliers for their components, and for the iPhone’s modem, it is no different as Intel and Qualcomm are the companies supplying Apple with the hardware. That is expected to be the same even in 2018, although KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Intel is expected to supply the majority of it.

Apple Reportedly Working With Intel On 5G Hardware For Future iPhones

As it stands, Apple relies on components from both Qualcomm and Intel for the iPhone’s modem, but according to a report from Fast Company, it seems that future iPhones could use Intel’s hardware more or less exclusively. The report claims that Apple is working with Intel on 5G hardware for future iPhones.

Qualcomm Officially Rejects $130 Billion Broadcom Bid

You might have heard that Broadcom recently bid $130 billion to acquire Qualcomm. It was an unsolicited offer as Qualcomm has not offered itself for sale. Broadcom argued that this deal is compelling for the stakeholders and stockholders of both companies. Qualcomm was reportedly thinking about rejecting the offer and the company has now officially announced that it has decided not to accept Broadcom’s $130 billion offer.

Qualcomm Reportedly Planning To Reject Broadcom’s Takeover Bid

Earlier this month there were reports that Qualcomm could be acquired, and just last week it was confirmed that Broadcom would be the company looking to takeover the company in which they have made a bid for Qualcomm worth a whopping $130 billion. Now that is a lot of money, but apparently it isn’t enough.

670+ Mbps Smartphone Speed, Demonstrated by T-Mobile

In San Jose, California, T-Mobile and Qualcomm jointly announced that T-Mobile users across hundreds of markets would see their maximum broadband speed climb, thanks to the roll out of a combination of technologies from both companies. The high-speed broadband experience described as “Gigabit-class LTE” because it nearly reaches the 1 Gbps barrier in one of many steps on the way to 5G, the fifth generation wireless broadband.