Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Owners Could Be Given Free Display Replacements
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at a whopping $1,980. This is by no means cheap for a device that has yet to be fully tested in the market and whose demand is still unclear, which means that Samsung is certainly asking for a lot, in terms of trust and money, from their customers.

Future Samsung TVs Could Be Completely Wireless
At the moment the majority of our electronics required wired connections to keep them powered on. However Samsung appears to be exploring technology that could potentially one day result in TVs that are completely free of wires. This is based on a recently discovered patent by the folks at LetsGoDigital.

Samsung Galaxy S10 ReviewEditor's Pick
The Galaxy S10 is a near-perfect smartphone. It is a very balanced handset that performs extremely well at everything. For everything that matters, (camera, display, processor, design) – The S10 either leads or finds itself in the leading group.

LEGO Fold Cashes In On The Foldable Smartphone Hype
There has been a lot of talk about foldable smartphones over the past couple of weeks. Samsung led with the announcements when it unveiled the Galaxy Fold on February 20th ahead of MWC 2019 in Barcelona the following week. LEGO has humorously decided to cash in on this hype for the “LEGO Fold,” which isn’t actually a foldable smartphone, it’s a Pop-Up Book set.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Come To Verizon And Sprint
When the Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially announced, it was revealed in the press release that the phone would be coming to AT&T and T-Mobile, which meant that Verizon and Sprint were potentially left out of the loop. However thanks to digging by XDA developer deadman96385, perhaps Verizon and Sprint customers can expect the phone as well.

DisplayMate Gives Samsung Galaxy S10’s Display An A+ Grade
If there is one aspect about Samsung phones that is hard to deny, it would be in their displays where Samsung admittedly makes one of the best displays in the smartphone game at the moment. So much so that according to a recent review by DisplayMate, they have given the phone’s display the highest grade possible with an A+.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lineup Gets HDR Certification For Netflix
With the Samsung Galaxy S10 being the latest and greatest phones from Samsung, it’s not surprising that their handsets would eventually get HDR certified by Netflix. If you are using any of the models that were recently announced, including the lower-end Galaxy S10e, Netflix has updated its support page where it lists all the Galaxy S10 handsets as being HDR compatible.

Samsung Could Supply Displays For Apple’s Rumored Foldable iPhones
According to various patent filings, it would all seem to suggest that Apple could be exploring the idea of a foldable phone. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as Apple probably wants to see if such a device is viable, but it might not necessarily indicate that the company will actually make such a device themselves.

Huawei Didn't Opt For A Galaxy Fold-Like Design Because It's 'Not Good'
Huawei and Samsung both showcased their foldable smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona earlier this week, the Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold respectively. Both are fundamentally different in terms of design. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s mobile business, has said that the company had a prototype of a foldable device with a design similar to that of the Galaxy Fold but scrapped it because it […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2019Editor's Pick
With 5G and foldable phones entering the market in 2019, this year’s Mobile World Congress was full of excitement, but not all products are created equal, and some are more eye-catchy than others. Here’s what we think is worthy of your attention, in no particular order.

These Genius Wallpapers Will Flaunt The Galaxy S10’s Hole-In Display
With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung has approached the design of the handset very differently from the competition who have either been using a notch to house the front-facing cameras and sensors, or relying on a popup camera mechanism. Samsung has instead opted to use a hole-in display, where there are cutouts on the display just for the cameras.

Samsung’s New 512GB Flash Storage Will Be Twice As Fast
While storage size on smartphones is important, given that our media files seem to be getting bigger, the speed of these storage solutions also matters. This is because the read and write speeds on these storage solutions determines how fast files are accessed, and how fast files are saved to the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
As one of the first major high-end smartphones of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 launches under high scrutiny by analysts and fans alike. As the most successful high-end franchise on Android, the Galaxy S has built a reputation for its excellent camera performance. How good is the 2019 edition? We reveal it all! Learn more: what is our Camera IQ score?

Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S10 Seemingly Outperforms Its Exynos Variant
As many probably know by now, Samsung’s flagships typically launch with two different chipsets depending on the market. Some markets will receive the Qualcomm chipset, while others will use Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. While presumably Samsung has done all they can to ensure a consistent user experience, recent benchmarks don’t seem too good.