camera-revolution3D printing seems to be all the rage these days, but what about 3D scanning? Imagine scanning a particular piece of jewelry that you love, only to have a 3D printer work out the scan into reality using material that are all a-glitter, of course, so that you have a cheap imitation of the real deal. Well, those who have watched Jackie Chan’s CZ12 would have certainly wondered whether such cool 3D scanning gloves actually exist in real life. Perhaps not, but what we do know is this, scientists have managed to come up with a 3D scanner that is capable of laser scan objects in 3D glory from a distance of half a mile away, now how about that?


This is made possible courtesy of a laser camera that was developed by physicists over at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. The laser beams will bounce off the target, and the time required for their return journey is measured in such a precise manner that it can detect millimeter depth changes despite being 0.62 miles away. The researchers have faith that the eventual 3D scanning range would hit 10 miles away with additional research, and perhaps miniaturize the entire shebang to a fully portable form factor before the World Cup happens in Qatar.

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