Sharp To Exit The Americas TV Market

Sharp is a company that many have come to associate with displays. The company creates display panels used by other companies, and they create them for their own use as well such as in their Sharp-branded TVs. However it seems that the TV market in the Americas region might be a bit too fierce for the company’s liking. In a statement issued by Sharp, it looks like the Japanese display […]

Sharp, Samsung Rumored To Supply iPad Pro’s Display Panels

If the rumors are to be believed, the iPad Pro is expected to be announced later this year and it looks like Apple could already be lining up their suppliers for some of its components. According to a report out of Taiwan, word on the street has it that Apple has chosen Sharp and Samsung to provide the displays of its rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Now Sharp and Samsung are […]

First 4K Sharp TVs With Android TV Available Now

There are quite a few OEMs that have committed to supporting Android TV and Sharp happens to be one of them. The first 4K televisions from Sharp that are powered by Google’s platform are now available for purchase. It’s a range of five televisions sets that cover sizes from 60 inches all the way up to 80 inches. Sharp says that these TVs are now “shipping into the marketplace” which means […]

Sharp Aquos Xx Comes In A Gorgeous Aluminum Chassis

It was not too long ago that we managed to take a look at the Sharp Aquos Crystal 2, and here we are with yet another release from the folks over at Sharp – with the Sharp Aquos Xx. Granted, the name itself might not sound so savory at first glance, but this is one sexy beast, sporting a rather generous 5.7” display that is encased within an aluminum body. […]


Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 Revealed

Sharp announced their AQUOS Crystal smartphone officially in August last year, and barely a full year in existence, there is already a sequel announced. Needless to say, the sequel to this handset will follow a numerical format, where it is known as the Sharp AQUOS Crystal 2, and will sport a screen size that is larger – and hopefully, easier on the eyes, too, at 5.2”, not to mention the […]

Sharp’s Roku Powered Smart TVs Coming Soon

There aren’t that many OEMs that have agreed to make smart TVs powered by Roku software, most of them might even be relatively small as opposed to major brands, as they include partners like Hisense, Insignia and TCL. Now a major manufacturer from Japan has joined forces with Roku to create smart TVs powered by its software, Sharp is the latest OEM that has agreed to enter into this partnership with […]

Sharp Announces 5.5-inch 4K IGZO Display For 2016

Smartphones with a Full HD display are pretty common nowadays, although flagship smartphones this year seem to be adopting the 2K resolution. However it seems that before 2K even becomes a standard amongst smartphones, it looks like manufacturers are already thinking about making the jump to 4K. Sharp has recently announced a 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display which based on its size, sounds like it would be perfect for a smartphone. […]

Sharp Aquos K Flip Phone Hits Japan

Sharp has not exactly been all that active over in the US where new smartphones releases are concerned, but this does not mean that they have neglected their home market over in Japan. No sir, Sharp is pretty much alive and kicking in the Land of the Rising Sun, and their latest handset to be announced would be the Sharp Aquos K SHF-31, where this particular flip phone comes with […]

Sharp Aquos Mini SHV31 Flip Phone Announced In Japan

Flip phones used to be pretty cool back in the day, although now that smartphones have largely dominated the market, users are now asking for larger screens if anything. However if there is at least one market that still seems to like their flip phones, it would be in Japan which is why companies such as Sharp have continuously put out such devices over the years. The latest offering by […]

Sharp Mini Phablet Hits The FCC

The FCC does have its fair share of interesting devices that pass through its revolving doors from time to time, and while we have seen what some claimed to be the upcoming Xperia Z4 from Sony, here is a rather rare appearance from Sharp – with a device that has been described in a most interesting manner by the Japanese firm, calling it a “dual mode hand held mini phablet.” […]

Sharp AQUOS 4K TV Lineup For 2015

Maybe a year or two ago, 4K televisions were rare as Full HD was the standard in terms of resolutions. Fast forward to 2015, while Full HD resolutions are still aplenty, there are more manufacturers when it comes to 4K devices and if you’re looking to get a 4K television, you might be interested to learn that Sharp has recently announced new AQUOS 4K televisions at CES 2015.

Nintendo To Use Sharp’s Free Form Display For Device With “Donut-hole” Center [Rumor]

Back in October, Sharp showed off their free form displays at CEATEC 2014. For those hearing about this for the first time, these free form displays are basically displays whose control circuits are placed away from the bezel of the display itself, thus allowing for the creation of some interestingly shaped displays. During Sharp’s demonstration, it appeared that the company had hopes that the automotive industry would adopt its technology, […]

Sharp Unveils 4.1-inch IGZO Display With 700+ PPI

Smartphones with QHD displays are starting to catch on. We’re starting to see more OEMs adopt the high-resolution displays, although at this point in time it seems that Full HD remains the industry standard. That being said, perhaps Sharp could clue us in as to what we might be able to expect in the future.

Sharp Looks At 1-Inch Smartwatch Display Prototype

When it comes to the world of displays, you can more or less be sure that Sharp is right up there with the very best of them where consumer electronics devices are concerned. In fact, it does look as though Sharp intends to work on changing the way smart device displays work – first of all with their Sharp Aquos Crystal handset that has more or less delivered a near […]