Sharp MEMS/IGZO Display

[CEATEC 2013] If you thought that your small tablet or smartphone has one of the best displays that you have ever laid your eyes upon, think again. Sharp could very well change the way things work in the future with their Sharp MEMS/IGZO Display. MEMS stands for MicroElectroMechanical Systems, and IGZO is the acronym for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, where the latter would allow higher resolution displays to enjoy a […]

Sharp Health Care Support Chair Is Actually The Emperor 1510

[CEATEC 2013] No wonder it looks so familiar! Remember Sharp’s Health Care Support Chair that we talked about a couple of days ago? Well, I have just been reminded that it is something which we have talked about just as recent as in June this year, where the chair is actually the Emperor 1510. Now that we do realize the chair itself costs a whopping $5,950, I guess it would […]

Sharp Health Care Support Chair

[CEATEC 2013] We did mention that Japan has the world’s highest number of those who are 65 or older compared to the rest of the population – and this number is growing more and more by the year, having already hit the 20% mark. Hence, it is imperative that technology moved at a pace which will make sure that the elderly are able to get up and about with their […]

Sharp IGZO Frameless Concept Displays

[CEATEC 2013] We have seen TVs go from their large and fat form factors to being as slim as possible, and all the while that is happening, there was work done to increase the resolution count. Our minds were blown away when we first saw the visual quality difference between video CDs and DVDs, and the jump to Blu-ray discs (a moment of silence for the fallen HD DVD format, […]


Sharp Mebius Pad Waterproof 10.1 Inch Tablet Announced

At the CEATEC show in Japan today, Sharp announced the Mebius Pad, a Windows 8 powered tablet that has a 10.1 inch 2,560×1,600 pixel resolution IGZO panel display. The Mebius Pad is actually the only Windows 8 tablet unveiled as of now that has such a high pixel density, close to 300ppi. Under the hood, there’s an Intel Atom Z3370 Bay Trail quadcore processor. That’s not all, the tablet is also certified for […]

Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV Now Available

Sharp has just made their Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV available to the masses, and they are asking a cool $7,500 a pop for it. Just so that you know, the Sharp 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with a catalog of bragging rights, including being the first THX 4K Certified TV and only 70″ Class Ultra HD TV in the world, at least for the time being until […]

Sharp WG-N20 Digital Notepad Announced For Around $150

Back in December, Sharp announced a monochromatic device which they referred to as a digital notepad. The point of the device was to replace paper notepads and ultimately save paper in the long-run and the good news is that if the original model was a bit too basic for your liking, Sharp has announced an updated and more advanced version of the device. Dubbed the WG-N20, the device sports a […]

Apple Reportedly Shifting To IGZO Displays For Next Year

Apple has reportedly decided to shift to IGZO based displays for its products from next year, the 2014 MacBook lineup is said to feature IGZO displays.

Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV Announced

Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV is now available.

Sharp Sensor Merges Gestures, Proximity And Illuminance Detection

Sharp’s latest sensor merges many different functionalities into a single chip.

Qualcomm’s $120 Million Investment In Sharp Completed

Qualcomm has completed its $120 million investment in Sharp which it had committed to back in December last year.

Sharp Gets To Work On HiDPI IGZO LCD Panels

Japanese company Sharp was recently rumored to ramp up production of iPhone 5S displays when June 2013 rolls around, in addition to entering a strategic alliance with South Korean conglomerate Samsung recently. Well, here we are with word that Sharp is currently working on producing HiDPI IGZO LCD panels, where these panels have been touted to deliver the highest pixel density of any display that Sharp has ever made to […]

Sharp And Samsung Enter Into A Strategic Alliance

Sharp is one of the manufacturers that helps make the displays that Apple uses in some of their iOS products, although it seems that the Japanese company will be forming some sort of close alliance/partnership with Samsung in hopes that the South Korean company will be able to pull them out of their financial slump. According to Reuters, Sharp will be entering a three-year rehabilitation program in hopes of recovering […]

Sharp Rumored To Begin Ramping Up iPhone 5S Display Production Next Month

It is more or less expected that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5S later this year, which based on the previous releases in the past will most likely be an iPhone 5 with some incremental upgrades and nothing too major. Thanks to a new rumor, it would seem as though that Sharp is expected to begin ramping up their production of the iPhone 5S’ displays starting next month, suggesting […]