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Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 SP2 update
Earlier this week it was reported that Microsoft had pulled its Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 from the Microsoft AutoUpdate. The reason behind this was because there were reports from users who were claiming that there were some issues regarding Outlook database corruption. While those who might be tech savvy had no problems manually rebuilding their database and installing the software, Microsoft claims that the reason behind them […]

Apple removes free trial of iWork and Aperture from website, directs customers to the Mac App Store instead
Trial software is handy when you want to try out a program before making the decision to purchase it. Unfortunately if you were trying to decide if Apple’s iWork productivity suite, or Aperture for your post-processing photography needs are the software for you, you’re out of luck. Apple has officially discontinued the free trial that they offer customers on its website for its iWork and Aperture products. Instead, customers are […]

iTunes 10.6.1 released with bug fixes on board
iTunes users, it looks like the update for iTunes 10.6.1 is here in case you might have missed out on the notification. The update is expected to address several bugs and problems that users had previously encountered in iTunes 10.6. This includes iTunes unexpectedly quitting while watching videos, changing artwork size while in grid view, the syncing of photos to devices, and also corrects some interface elements that have been […]


Software better at spotting liars than cops
You know the classic symptoms of a liar – twitching eyes, touching one’s nose or ear, fidgeting around, an overall nervous feeling, but those who are extremely skilled in the art of lying can even pass a polygraph test with flying colors. Just how else will technology be able to help the long arm of the law detect liars that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Well, there […]

Huawei to buyout Symantec's stake in their joint venture
Huawei, a company known for putting out affordable mobile devices has announced their plans to buy out the remaining 49% stake in their Symantec joint venture. For those unfamiliar, Symantec is a company that specializes in security software for computers, and are probably most famous for their Norton AntiVirus software.

Logitech Gaming Software Unifies Gaming Devices
Logitech builds a number of gaming-related devices such as mice, keyboards and headphones. In the past, it has been using a set of drivers and software to control each – that’s how these line-up grow organically. But now that many of those lines of products are established and often used together, Logitech has merged much of the software into a single package called Logitech Gaming Software.Within that application, users can […]

Microsoft releases "Mouse without Borders" project
There are people who work with one computer but with multiple monitors, and then there are those who work with multiple computers with multiple monitors, which usually results in a table strewn with keyboards and mice. Not the most elegant setup but is sometimes necessary in certain professions, and not content with the current solution, Truong Do, an employee at Microsoft Dynamics has come up with what he calls “Mouse […]

Translator app avoids miscommunication when ordering food
Going for a holiday in some fancy, faraway country where the language is very, very different, and English is not widely spoken can be fun, although when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant, things might end up getting complicated – especially when you do not have a local to guide you through the nuances. Thank goodness for technology – this particular translator app is able to enable both […]

Nearly half the world thinks it is okay to use pirated software
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has recently published a report saying that almost half the world’s PC users acquire software illegally and think that it’s okay to do so. It recently published on its blog: 47% of personal computers acquire software through illegal means most of the time, with folks in developing countries contributing to most of the piracy. The BSA conducted its research by surveying approximately 15,000 PC users […]

New software removes "naked" body scans (airport security)
Airport security is never easy. Ever since the rise of aircraft-related crimes in recent years, the country has taken serious measures to ensure the safety of its flight crew and passengers on planes. One of the measures implemented to counter this problem has been full-body x-ray scanners that reveal everything about a passenger, most importantly: what’s underneath their clothes. Unfortunately this means that passengers are left in plain view, totally […]

Stabilize your videos with vReveal
Unless you use a tripod or have super steady hands or are fortunate enough to have access to professional filming equipment, chances are your home made movies tend to be a bit on the shaky side, and we can’t blame you. After all you were probably thinking of capturing the moment, rather than worrying about image stability, right?

MagicPrefs Brings About More Options Over Your Multitouch Trackpad
The nice thing about MacBooks would be the multitouch trackpad, which pretty much functions like how the touch screen on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad does. It incorporates various multitouch gestures, such as swiping and pinching. As cool as the concept is, one bad thing about it is that it’s limited to what Apple allows you do to do, which is where MagicPrefs comes in.

LocatePC Mobile Tracker now available, lost iPads a thing of the past
Don’t you just hate it when you lose a spanking new device that you worked so hard to save up for? Yeah, that is what we thought, too, and with iPads as well as iPhones being one of the more popular devices in the market, it makes perfect sense that they too would be targets of thieves – after all, it would be quite easy to sell stolen items as […]