Spotify Could Reveal New Mobile App & Hardware At Next Week’s Event

We have been hearing rumblings about Spotify possibly looking to shake things up where they might be launching a new in-app digital assistant and also revamping its free music tier. Now it seems that could all soon be revealed, according to an invite the company has sent out for an event that will be taking place next week.

Apple Could Sell 2 Million HomePods In 2018, Low-Cost Model A Possibility

With so much competition from just Amazon and Google alone, we’re sure that many are curious as to how Apple’s HomePod speakers are doing. After all with seemingly less functionality compared to Amazon’s Echo and Google Home and with a higher price tag, who are Apple’s customers?

Spotify Might Have Teased Its Car Player Several Months Ago

If recent Spotify job listings are anything to go on, the company might be expanding its business to go beyond just offering music streaming and could get into the hardware business through speaker systems. In fact it seems that there might have been some evidence of this happening as early as February this year.

IKEA Launches Their Own Bluetooth Speakers

IKEA is a company that many know for its affordable and minimalistic furniture. However in recent times the company has expanded its offerings and made them a bit more modern, such as introducing furniture with wireless charging and also smart lightbulbs. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that IKEA has since launched their own set of Bluetooth speakers.


Amazon Update Gives Its Echo Devices Intercom-Like Functionality

Unlike other smart speakers like the Google Home Max or the Apple HomePod, Amazon has a wide variety of smaller and more affordable smart speakers for users who are more interested in using them for their smarts rather than music playback capabilities. This is evidenced in last year’s numbers where the Echo Dot was Amazon’s best-selling product during the holidays.

Latest HomePod Update Reportedly Changed The Speaker’s Sound Quality

Apple’s HomePod speakers aren’t cheap, but one of the ways that Apple is trying to set themselves apart from the competition is by claiming better sound quality. So far this has been somewhat proven true based on tests and reviews, but unfortunately that might no longer be the case no thanks to a recent update.

Amazon Continues To Dominate The Smart Speaker Market

With Apple and Google getting into the smart speaker market, we’re sure that some are wondering if Amazon’s headstart into the market might have given them an advantage. It turns out that it has, in fact it seems to still be proving to be a tremendous advantage because according to a report from Kantar (via PhoneArena), Amazon is still king.

Facebook Making Changes To Its Smart Speakers To Focus On Privacy

Earlier it was reported that Facebook apparently decided to delay the launch of their smart speakers due to the current privacy scandal that Facebook has found themselves embroiled in. Now according to a report from The Information (paywall; via Engadget), it seems that Facebook will also be further tweaking the upcoming devices to focus on privacy.

Facebook Reportedly Delays Launch Of Their Smart Speakers

We’re sure that there are some users with concerns about devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, devices that are sitting there “listening” and waiting for users to give the command. These companies have stressed in the past that they are not eavesdropping on users, but despite that there are probably some a little worried nonetheless.

Logitech Unveils G560 Gaming Speakers With Built-In RGB Lighting

We’re not sure there’s this trend of gaming peripherals and accessories sporting RGB lighting, but that certainly seems to be the way things are done. In fact it looks like Logitech plans on capitalizing on that trend as they have unveiled a new set of gaming speakers in the form of the Logitech G560.

LG’s ThinQ Google Assistant Smart Speakers Available For Pre-Order

Last year in December ahead of CES 2018, LG announced that they would be getting into the smart speaker game by unveiling the LG ThinQ series. For those who are interested in getting their hands on the speakers, you might be pleased to learn that B&H has put up both speakers for pre-order.

Google Home’s Routines Feature One Step Closer To Being Released

Last month it was reported that Google Home would be getting a new feature called Routines which acts as macros, where a single command will allow users to pull off multiple actions at once. Google did not provide any specifics as to when the feature will be released, except that it would be ready “in a few weeks”.

Apple Hires Director Spike Jonze For Latest HomePod Ad

As the smart speaker scene starts to get more crowded, companies will definitely need to come up with new ways to entice customers, and it looks like Apple is definitely sparing no expense as they have hired director Spike Jonze to direct an ad for its newly-launched HomePod speakers.

HomePod Day One Pre-Orders Beat Out Most Of The Competition

The HomePod is Apple’s foray into the smart speaker market, and from what we can tell, it seems that it is doing pretty well. According to a report from NPD, based on their findings it seems that day one pre-orders for the HomePod in the US have managed to beat out most of the competition.