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2018 Winter Olympics Might Be Broadcasted In VR
If you’re a fan of sporting events, you know that trying to follow your favorite team to where they are playing, or chasing the Olympic games can be a rather expensive hobby. This is why watching it on TV is usually a cheaper alternative. However the only problem is that it doesn’t quite offer up the same feeling if you were there in person.

Facebook Will Now Live Stream Major League Soccer Games
Facebook’s interest in video is hardly a secret and not too long ago, the company launched a dedicated video app for smart TVs. We also heard rumors that Facebook was looking into live streaming sports games, like Major League Baseball for example. While that deal has yet to be worked out, the company has managed to snag one sport: soccer.

The Gratis X1 Is An Electric Jet Ski
These days electric vehicles on the road are pretty common, but out in sea, fully electric boats aren’t that common. Now if you’re someone who loves to jet ski but also loves the environment, you might be interested in a company called Free Form Factory that has recently unveiled an electric jet ski in the form of the Gratis X1.

Major League Baseball Approves Wearable That Can Be Used In Games
In the past tracking the performance of athletes was a bit more complicated and harder than it is today. This is because today wearables have become a lot more accurate, a lot more accessible, and also a lot more affordable, which means that outfitting a sports team with a fitness tracker would be financially feasible.


Facebook Rumored To Get Into MLB Live Streaming
As you might have heard, Facebook recently more or less confirmed their plan for more video content by announcing a separate and dedicated video app designed for smart TVs. In the past we have heard how Facebook planned to use its reach to potentially become the next YouTube, or at least become a platform that could give YouTube a run for its money.

Piq’s Robot Blue Wearable Will Help Improve Your Boxing
[CES 2017] When it comes to wearables, a lot of devices out there seems to be more focused on running. However if you’re looking to give your boxing workout a hi-tech advantage, you’re in luck as Piq and Everlast have teamed up to create the Piq Robot Blue, a wearable that will help improve your boxing.

Apple & NHL Reportedly Close To Finalizing Partnership For iPads
One of the partnerships between tech companies and sports in recent times would be Microsoft, in which we saw the company’s Surface tablets being used by the NFL. The idea is that this would make it easier to watch replays and to come up with new strategies on the fly. It seems that Apple also wants in on the sporting scene.

Soccer Games Will Soon Use Video Replays To Check For Concussions
Concussions can happen when participating in sports, which is why over the years researchers and doctors have been trying to figure out the best way of detecting a concussion before it is too late, and one of those more recent methods is by using a pretty old technique, which is via video replays.

Tokyo’s Olympic Medals Could Be Made From Recycled Smartphones
In case you didn’t already know, the 2020 Olympic games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. In fact just recently Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made an appearance at the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics where he appeared on stage dressed as Mario, which we have to say was rather sporting of him.

Apple & Twitter Could Launch Apple TV App That Streams NFL Games
Apple has longed for its Apple TV to be more than what it is right now. We have heard rumors about how Apple planned to make it so that users could stream all kinds of content, even those on TV. Unfortunately those plans did not materialize, but it sounds like we could be getting some kind of variant.

Adidas Giving Olympic Athletes 3D Printed Sneakers
We’ve seen 3D printed motorcycles, 3D printed body parts, so really the notion of 3D printed shoes shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Imagine being able to walk into a shoe store and get a pair of sneakers that fit you just right, wouldn’t that be a dream? Now Adidas has in the past dabbled in 3D printed sneakers, but they’re taking it to the next level now.

Disney Will Be Launching An ESPN Streaming Service
If you believe that streaming is indeed the future of how we consume content, you will be pleased to learn that Disney feels the same way and the company will be kicking things off by launching an ESPN streaming package. This new service is planned for a launch by the end of the year, but unfortunately for now the details are a bit scarce.

Wilson’s Smart Football Will Be Available Next Month For $200
Earlier this year Wilson took the wraps off the X Connected Football. This is actually not the first time that Wilson created smart sporting goods as the company had previously dabbled in a smart basketball. However in their announcement, the company did not state how much it would cost or when it will be launched.

GIFs Will Not Be Allowed At The Olympics
GIFs are a great way to share a portion of a video that you think might be relevant. Or it could also be a way of sharing funny images, but regardless of what your intention is, it seems that the International Olympics Committee has forbade news agencies covering the games to create GIFs of sporting events.

Samsung-backed IOFIT Smart Golf Shoes Launches On Kickstarter
So we have things like smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances, so why not smart shoes? To be fair, smart shoes aren’t exactly new. Some of you guys might recall that several years ago, Nike and Apple teamed up where users could insert a little chip into their running shoes and pair that with an iPhone app, but obviously technology has come a long way since.

Blizzard Celebrates The Olympics With Sports Themed Overwatch Skins
The Rio 2016 Olympic games will be kicking off this coming weekend. So far we’ve seen many companies celebrate the upcoming games, such as Google and YouTube making it easier to watch highlights and find results, to Apple creating Olympic-themed Apple Watch bands, and to Samsung creating an Olympic Edition smartphone.

Google & YouTube Will Keep You Updated On The Olympics
Want to stay updated on the who won what medal at the Olympics? Sure, you could always turn to social media for that, but in case you forgot or if you’d rather not spend so much time reading, you’re in luck as Google and YouTube have announced new initiatives that will keep its users up to date on the Olympics.

EA Explains Why FIFA Is Their Only Sports Game For The PC
Back in the day, EA would have tons of sports games for the PC. Fast forward to today, that is no longer true as EA’s sport selection for the PC is pretty much limited to FIFA. If you’re wondering why that is, especially for sports fans who miss EA’s other sports game selections, EA has an explanation for you guys.

Someone Actually Made A Skateboard Out Of Glass
Ever wonder why skateboards are generally made of wood and not out of other material? We’re sure that having a matte black aluminum skateboard would look pretty awesome, but there’s a reason why wood is the only choice. This is because wood is strong and flexible to a certain extent, meaning that when you’re landing on your board, it will be able to take your weight.

Twitter Reportedly Interested In Streaming NBA & MLS
Twitter is a social media website and for the longest time ever, allowed users to post little statuses which some have dubbed micro-blogging. However as time passed on, the social media platform had to adapt, like its competitor Facebook, to offer up more reasons to use its service and to stay on as a user.