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London Marathon Will Replace Wasteful Plastic Bottles With Seaweed Pouches
If you’ve ever been in a marathon or seen one, you might be familiar with how throughout points during the marathon, runners will be handed bottles of water to drink and rehydrate themselves. Unfortunately, these bottles are a huge environmental waste since they take hundreds of years before they actually break down.

Smart NBA Jerseys Lets You Switch Allegiances On The Fly
Sport jerseys are a good way for you to advertise the team and the player that you support. However, there are times when you might be wishing you weren’t wearing your jersey, such as when walking into a sports bar filled with the other team, or when your team just lost and you’re feeling a bit disillusioned.

The NFL Launches Its First Skill For Alexa
Like pretty much all types of sports around the world, football has its own set of rules, slang, and lingo that a newbie might not be familiar with. This is why it can be a bit intimidating to watch games that are new to you, especially when you watch it with people who are very into it and know it very well.

eSports Officially A Medal Sport In The 2019 SEA Games
In the past playing video games all day was typically frowned upon. To a certain extent that is still true today, but nowadays one can argue that playing games all day could potentially land them a chance at a scholarship to the university of their choice, earn big bucks, or possibly bring honor to your country by representing them in global sporting events.


HomeCourt Is A Basketball App That Uses AI To Improve Your Game
The mantra “practice makes perfect” is very true, but it is also important to practice the right way. After all practicing something the wrong way many times still ends up being wrong at the end of the day. This is true in sports where having coaches as an objective party can help improve your game.

Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Approved By US DoJ With Some Caveats
For a moment it felt like Disney’s attempt to acquire Fox could be in jeopardy when Comcast threw in a bid of their own. However it seems that Disney really wants Fox when they countered with a substantially higher bid, and while all of this sounds good, there is the question of whether or not it will be approved by the US Department of Justice.

Fox Sports, AT&T, Intel To Demonstrate 5G Speeds With 4K Stream
5G will be the future standards in which mobile internet will be based on, and unsurprisingly many are touting just how fast it will be. However given that not many of us have gotten to experience it for ourselves, Fox Sports has announced that together with AT&T and Intel, they plan on demonstrating how fast 5G can be.

Robotic Exoskeleton For Skiers Takes The Stress Off Your Knees
Skiing or snowboarding looks like they might be easy. After all it is letting gravity guide you down a slope, right? However for anyone who’s tried to pick up either sport, you probably know just how tiring it is as there is a lot more control than you think. It can also place an incredible amount of stress on your knees.

Formula 1 Launches Its ‘F1 TV’ Streaming Service
If you enjoy racing sports such as Formula 1, then you might be interested to learn that the organization has recently launched its own streaming platform called F1 TV. As the name suggests, this will allow users to watch live streams of F1 races and will also gain other features that you wouldn’t normally be able to expect from watching it on regular TV.

ESPN Plus Streaming Service Announced, Will Cost $4.99 A Month
When it comes to video streaming on platforms like Netflix or Hulu, for the most part the shows streamed are typically movies, TV shows, drama, documentaries, cartoons, and so on. However if you’re a bit of a sports fanatic and would love to see sports streams, then ESPN Plus could be a service worth checking out.

Amazon Reportedly Planning To Bid For English Premier League Streaming Rights
Sporting events are huge and many companies know this, which is why it isn’t surprising that in recent times we’ve started to hear that many tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and more are trying to get the rights to stream various sporting matches and events on their platform in a bid to drive up the number of users.

ESPN Lands Mobile Streaming Rights For Monday Night Football
If you love football and just can’t get enough of it, you might have been pretty pleased when it was reported that NBC gained the rights to stream Sunday Night Football on mobile devices starting next year. This means that sports fans on the go will still be able to enjoy the game, but that’s not all.

Olympic Committee Acknowledges eSports As A Sporting Activity
If we were to look back at the history of video games and how it has evolved, video games used to be seen as something that only “nerds” or “geeks” would do, and how it would always be two groups: the nerds and the jocks, where the latter did “real” sports such as basketball, football, and so on.

MLB Testing Contactless Ticketing With iPhone & Apple Watch
When it comes to existing ticketing systems, for the most part many of them do work in their current form but that’s not to say that they can’t be improved. In fact the Major League Baseball has recently announced that they are testing out a new contactless ticketing system that will let players enter using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Nike Unveils Basketball Jerseys With Built-In NFC Connectivity
With pretty much everything getting “smarter” these days, we suppose it was only a matter of time when our clothes got smarter as well. We’ve seen quite a few examples launched in the past, but Nike is hoping to take it mainstream by launching basketball jerseys that feature NFC connectivity.

Red Sox Apparently Used The Apple Watch To Steal Signs In Baseball
In sports, teams and coaches often come up with their own coded messages and words that only they know. This is because should the other team be watching or listening, they won’t know what they are talking about and figure out their strategy. A good example of this would be in baseball where signs are used.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Review: Hands-On
#IFA2017 – Samsung unveiled its new wearable lineup at IFA in Berlin, and the new Gear Fit2 Pro is the successor of the Gear Fit2. The new smart band gets water resistance up to 5 ATM (Atmosphere, a pressure unit) certification and salt resistance, meaning that users will be able to track swim even in the ocean.A bit heavier than its predecessor at 34g, the Gear Fit 2 Pro delivers […]

Samsung’s Gear VR Gains New Partners In UFC, X-Games, Live Nation
Watching a sporting event live in person and watching it on the TV are very different experiences, but unfortunately sometimes tickets can be too pricey, sold out, or the venue is held somewhere far away from where you are. However this is something that Samsung is hoping to address with virtual reality (VR).

Japan’s Volleyball Team Is Training With Robots
While robots don’t necessarily have the same kind of instincts or intuition that humans do, they do most faster and they don’t tire, which means that in some situations robots might be more ideal than humans. Over in Japan, it seems that the country’s volleyball team thinks so as well which is why they’re practicing their spikes against robot blockers.

Under Armour Unveils 3D Printed ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker
3D printing can be used for all kinds of things, and as we have seen in the past, the idea of using it to 3D print perfectly-fitting shoes has been floated before, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Under Armour has recently taken the wraps off their latest pair of 3D printed shoes, the ArchiTech Futurist.