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Spotify rumored to launch this July
Amazon wants to stream movies to own tablets
Turn your Samsung smartphone into a mini TV with Smart View
Kingston Wi-Drive is a wireless SSD
Netflix CEO: "We're now finally beating BitTorrent"
Ghosttown for Android lets you listen to any song as long as it's on YouTube lets you stream lets you stream torrents on your iPhone
Netflix is doing its job to reduce piracy in North America
Miramax makes a 5-year deal with Netflix
Elgato HDHomeRun turns every computer in your house into a TV
Comcast Xfinity On Demand to be available on TiVo
Roku hits 15 million channel downloads
Baidu to launch Ting: a legal music streaming and download service in China
DVD sales down by 20%, Netflix subscriptions up 33%
Padora opens up a box of laughter with comedy content
Spotify launches new music download store
Is Netflix killing BitTorrent?
Pandora supported on new BMW models