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Hub By Premier Inn Could Be The Hotel Of The Future
Hotel rooms are pretty standard for the most part, although in recent times some are getting a bit more hi-tech by including more gadgets, and allowing guests to unlock their room doors using their smartphone or even their smartwatch. However it seems that the Hub by Premier Inn hotel will take things to the next level by allowing the guest to control their room using a wearable.Recently the folks at […]

Free Hotel WiFi Becoming A Must-Have On Travelers’ Lists
We know that there are probably travelers out there who don’t prioritize the WiFi facilities of the hotel simply because they know they probably won’t be in the hotel long enough to really take advantage of it. However it seems that the more connected we get these days, the more important free hotel WiFi is becoming.This is according a report from The New York Times who has found that a […]

Europe Will Scrap Roaming Charges Come June 2017
Given that the countries who fall under the EU banner share the continent and currency, it seems that what they don’t share is a standard telco rate. This means that if you were to travel within Europe, you could face roaming charges despite coming from one of the countries in Europe.It sounds ridiculous but we suppose it makes good business sense, but back in 2013, the EU Commission planned to […]

ShelfPack Is A Suitcase With Built-In Shelves
So we have seen smart suitcases in the past where it comes with all sorts of fancy tech wizardry like Bluetooth, GPS, displays, speakers, built-in weighing scale, and more. Pretty elaborate but at the end of the day, it’s really just a suitcase that upon reaching your destination, it will most likely end up being chucked into a corner and forgotten about until you leave.Well if you’re more about functionality, […]


Space Case 1 Is A Smart Suitcase For Your Travels
Smart suitcases aren’t exactly new. We have seen some efforts in the past, and just a couple of months ago Samsung and Samsonite teamed up to create a line of smart suitcases as well, so basically there are plenty of options that one can choose from. However if you’re looking for more options, perhaps the Space Case 1 might be of interest to you.The Space Case 1 is another smart […]

Samsung & Samsonite Team Up To Create Smart Suitcases
We have smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, so we guess having smart suitcases might not necessarily be a stretch of the imagination. Now there are plenty of suitcase makers out there not to mention a handful of Bluetooth tags available in the market that lets users track their suitcases, but we guess Samsung wants to show the world what they’re capable of.The company has recently announced that they have teamed […]

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase Can Be Controlled Via Smartphone
Hate fiddling with the locks on your luggage? Worried about leaving it behind by accident? Trying to figure out its weight but don’t have a weighing scale? Well those are problems that some travellers face, but these are problems that can be potentially addressed with the Bluesmart smart carry-on suitcase.Bluesmart is a suitcase that pairs with your smartphone thanks to an accompanying app. Through the app, users will be able […]

Trip To China: Smog Insurance Now Available
Travelers going to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Chengdu and Harbin for less than one week can now buy a Smog Insurance to be compensated in case the smog is so thick that it would ruin their trip. The metric for air pollution would be the local Pollution Index and if it goes above a certain level, then customers would be entitled to compensation.

Netgear Trek N300 Travel Router
[CES 2014] The Trek N300 is another travel router that looks pretty interesting: first of all, it can share public WiFi HotSpots to all your devices, so that may beat your older travel router, but it also has a flip-out antenna that supposedly makes the reception better. It’s impossible to tell without running some tests in the real world, but I just think that it looks cool.

D-Link DIR-510L WiFi AC750 Travel Router / Charger
[CES 2014] With the explosion of smart devices connecting over WiFi, having travel routers have gone from being a superfluous element to being money-saving objects. Since many hotels charge “per device”, I have seen quite a few people get into situations where they got charged separately for the laptop, smartphone and tablet in the same room. The D-Link WiFi AC750 has been created exactly to avoid these types of situations […]

U.K. Border Police Able To Seize Traveller’s Phones And Download Info
The U.K. Border Police are able to seize a traveller's mobile devices and download information from it without any reason.

Space Adventures Beckons For The Rich
If you are loaded with cash and have nothing better to do, how about making a trip to space?

iPads for Qantas In-flight Entertainment
Australian carrier, Qantas will provide its passengers with individual iPads that can stream more than 200 hours of movies, TV shows and music. This is available in all classes for flights from Sydney to Honolulu. In contrast, American Airlines passengers are provided with Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead on selected routes such as New York’s JFK airport and Los Angeles and international flights to Europe and South America.

Airline Industry Is Safest Today
Since the dawn of the jet age, there has been safety concerns in the airline industry, but today would be the safest period ever, so if you are scared of flying on a commercial jetliner, it would never have been safer. In fact, for folks living in the US, it has been exactly four years since the last fatal crash happened there, making it an unmatched record to date. Around […]