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USB 3.0 cables of the future might be able to power notebooks
USB 3.0, as everyone knows by now, is the superior standard when it comes to data transfer using this particular standard. Being the most recent version of the USB data/power specification, it is way faster than what USB 2.0 is able to offer. After all, USB 3.0 compatible devices are said to be able to hit speeds of up to 5Gbps, and the future might usher in an age where […]

Asus boosts USB transfer speeds thanks to new SCSI-based protocol
Asus has quietly slipped in a new feature in a bunch of their more recent motherboards including the P8Z77-V and a few of its contemporary brethren, calling this feature “USB attached SCSI protocol”, or UASP if you find it to be a mouthful. According to Asus, UASP might nearly double the speed of USB 3.0 connections to external hard drives and SSDs, hence speeding up the transfer rate of older […]

Blink LED visual indicator works subtly
You know how some smartphones do come with a tiny LED somewhere in front, where it will light up in different colors to indicate different notifications? Well, it seems that this particular idea has been ported over to the far less mobile desktop environment, although notebooks, too, will be able to work with the Blink USB LED visual indicator. Basically, this particular peripheral can be specially programmed to inform you […]

BMW USB key won't unlock your car
If you want to fool people into thinking you drive a BMW or you just like the idea of owning a key that looks like it unlocks a Bimmer, you’re in luck. BMW has just released a USB flash drive that is designed to look like a BMW key. To extend or retract the USB connector – just hit the trunk button. The other buttons serve no purpose other than […]


ikomagic MK802 II PC-on-a-stick has a slew of USB ports
There seems to be a growing trend of having a USB dongle device which, when plugged into your TV’s USB port, will be able to deliver a decent amount of computing power so that you can “work” on your TV as though it were a desktop. Well, the Rikomagic MK802 PC-on-a-stick which should not cost anything more than $80 a pop comes with an Allwinner A10 single core processor, a […]

USB Thanko Foot Cooler
Smelly feet could prove to be a rather disastrous social faux pas for many, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that your feet remain nice smelling at all times. Apart from making sure the right kind of treatment is applied to your feet at the end of a long day at work, shoe and sock deodorizers will also come in handy. If you are at the office, you might […]

R2D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks
Are you a true blue Star Wars fan? If you have answered in the affirmative, then make sure that the next time you suit up, you will not use any other cufflinks apart from this pair of R2D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks. Currently sold out, the inventory will be restocked by the time July 9th rolls around, although that would mean missing out on the July 4th events. Bear in […]

Sony hand-cranked USB charger
Granted, when Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway was stuck on an island all those years ago, there was no such thing as an iPhone or a Nintendo DS, which meant he had to find non-electronic means of keeping himself amused to while away the hours. If you were to place Tom Hanks in a similar situation today, how would he have reacted? Surely he would have wished he had the […]

Ericsson’s Connected Me concept could turn you into a human USB
Imagine being able to transmit information, images and codes by simply touching an object. The ability to transfer data through touch represents ultimate convenience and secure connectivity. That’s exactly what Ericsson is trying to prove through its Connected Me concept. Ericsson has already introduced the Connected Me concept at the CES in January this year. At CTIA Wireless show this week, the company showed it again but was largely unnoticed. […]

Thanko USB Cool Cushion 2 ups the ante
Thanko, the purveyors of strange electronics, have come up with this particularly striking update to their original USB-powered butt cooler, calling it the USB Cool Cushion 2. When you first look at it, nothing much seems to have changed from its predecessor, boasting a tiny 5-volt fan that aims to circulate fresh air all over your butt. What makes this decent is, there is no software installation required prior to […]

AOC 22-inch USB-powered HD display is now available for purchase
USB-powered secondary monitors are not new to the market, but neither have they taken off in a big way, either. However, have you ever entertained the thought of a USB-powered monitor as your main digital work area? AOC has ventured into this niche with their 22″ USB-powered HD display, otherwise known as model e2251Fwu. This is an extremely slim display from AOC, but despite packing in such a design, it […]

Verbatim introduces its new Store 'n' Go V3 USB 3.0 flash drives
Windows and Mac owners looking for a new flash drive might not have to look very far as Verbatim has just announced it new series of USB 3.0 flash drives. The company is boasting these flash drives as being of high-speed, stylish while being durable. While we can’t speak for its durability, it certainly looks eye-catching thanks to its black code which is accentuated with a stripe in the middle […]

Jigger USB lighter uses no flames
So you think that you have the coolest lighter amongst your friends with a Zippo, while they use a stock plastic cased light each time they need a smoke? Well, here is an alternative to the Zippo, known as the Jigger USB lighter. It has been around for a couple of years already, but somehow, we missed earlier coverage only to see the Jigger USB lighter gain a new lease […]

Bulavkus USB flash drive is a prick in a good way
There are different kinds of threats and dangers at the office – spilling a hot cup of coffee all over your pants, singeing yourself in the process, or dropping a slice of pizza with extra cheese top down on your keyboard, as well as the traditional paper cuts – you can add getting pricked by your USB flash drive to the list as well. Wait a minute here, what are […]