If you’re rich enough to have a swimming in your house compound, then chances are you wouldn’t skimp on its upkeep, employing someone to clean it up from time to time so that it doesn’t turn into a mosquito breeding ground. Well, what happens when you’re on a tight budget, living from month-to-month in order to upkeep such an image, hence unable to hire another helping hand? There is the Polaris 9300xi Sport which might just help you out, as this robotic vacuum is able to clean your pool in a safe and effortless manner, touted to capture more than four times the debris load when compared to other cleaners, maneuvering around tight corners, walls and steps. No idea on how close it is to the Bugatti’s design (which is a car) although it was inspired by it, some of the features found on this puppy include the following :-

  • Hand-held IntelliNav remoe control for spot and express cleaning
  • Aggressive scrubbing brush that enhances tile and pool floor cleaning
  • Longer cable to clean up to a 60 foot long pool
  • Programmable cleaning time, up to six hours, for energy efficiency and performance

Of course, the Polaris 9300xi Sport isn’t going to be free, but at $1,499 a pop, it should be worth looking into as it is a one-time purchase instead of forking out a monthly salary.

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