By now Apple’s interest in self-driving cars is pretty well-known, although exactly what Apple plans to do with the technology remains to be seen. Could it be that Apple wants to make their own self-driving cars? Or could it be that Apple wants to make the technology that powers self-driving cars?

Unfortunately those are questions we don’t have the answers for, although in what appears to be an interesting development, it seems that Apple is teaming up with Volkswagen on self-driving cars. This is based on a report from the New York Times in which apparently Volkswagen is one of the only (or few) companies that was willing to work with the Cupertino company.

The report claims that Apple had sought out partnerships with other carmakers, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz to develop an electric self-driving vehicle, but apparently those deals did not pan out, save for the one with Volkswagen. According to the report, it claims that the deal will see Apple take some of Volkswagen’s new T6 Transporter vans and turn them into self-driving shuttles for employees.

Like we said it is unclear as to what will become to Apple’s self-driving efforts. We’ve seen the company hire many new employees with various backgrounds in automotive technology, and recently the company has expanded its self-driving fleet which now has over 50 vehicles, but the fruits of the company’s labor have yet to be born.

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