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These Are The Smartwatches That Will Be Compatible With Google’s Wear OS 3
So, earlier this year during Google I/O 2021, Google announced a new partnership with Samsung for wearables where both companies would be working together on a new wearable platform. The new platform isn’t getting a new name per se, but will rather be known as Wear OS 3 moving forwards.

Qualcomm To Power Next-Gen Wear OS Smartwatches
The Wear OS smartwatch market based continues to feel the tremors of the recent Google + Samsung partnership. There is a feeling that things will coalesce further to form a more homogenous and coherent platform that could compete better with the Apple Watch.Qualcomm just announced that it would do its part to strengthen that market. First, there are plans to release new ultra-low-power Snapdragon Wear processors designed “from the ground […]

This Is What Samsung’s New Wear OS Smartwatch Could Look Like
Many are undoubtedly excited to see what Samsung has to unveil at MWC 2021 next week. This is because if you recall, at Google I/O 2021 last month, Google announced that they would be collaborating with Samsung to revamp its Wear OS platform, combining the best of both Wear OS and Tizen together for some super wearables platform.

Samsung Will Show Off Its New Wearable Platform At MWC Later This Month
Google and Samsung announced a new Wear platform at Google I/O 2021 last month. Apart from the confirmed partnership and a few words describing some of the features we can expect, not much else is known or what this new Wear platform could look like. For those who are curious, we will find out soon enough.


Google’s Statement On Its Wear Platform Eligibility Has Us Worried
When Google and Samsung announced at Google I/O 2021 that they would be collaborating on a revamped Wear OS platform that would combine the best of Wear OS and Tizen, it sounded like a good thing. The new Wear platform would bring about improvements to battery life, performance, health capabilities, and more.

Google’s Revamped Wear OS Could Be Shown Off Later This Month
At Google I/O 2021, Google made a surprising announcement when they revealed that they would be teaming up with Samsung to revamp its smartwatch platform. Originally known as Wear OS, the new platform will be known as Wear, but unfortunately apart from the announcement of the collaboration, no one really knows what to expect.

Google And Samsung Team Up To Revamp Wear OS
A recent rumor has made claims that for Samsung’s next smartwatch, instead of using Tizen, Samsung could instead be turning to Google’s Wear OS. It seems like the rumors were kind of right, except that this is more than just Samsung using Google’s wearable platform. At I/O 2021, Google announced a partnership with Samsung that would essentially overhaul Wear OS.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Will Run Wear OS
While many smartwatch makers have ultimately decided to adopt Google’s Wear OS platform, Samsung has stubbornly held out and continued to use Tizen as its platform of choice, but that is expected to change soon. According to reports out of Korea, the next Samsung smartwatch, tentatively known as the Galaxy Watch 4, will be powered by Wear OS.

Google’s Gboard Keyboard Arrives On Wear OS
Typing on a smartwatch is hardly the most pleasant of experiences. The small screen and the awkward positioning on the wrist means that typing out long messages can be tedious. However, if you’re looking for a way to better type on your smartwatch, Google has announced that its Gboard keyboard app is now available for Wear OS devices.

Casio Unveils Their First Ever G-Shock Smartwatch With Wear OS
Due to smartwatches typically sporting a full touchscreen display, this means that a lot of smartwatches have no choice but to come up with a different form factor from more traditional watches, something that some people might lament. However, if you’re a fan of Casio’s G-Shock series, you’re in luck.

OnePlus Watch Will Not Run On Google’s Wear OS
The OnePlus Watch will be revealed in the next couple of days, but it seems that OnePlus has been steadily releasing more information about the watch ahead of its launch, one of which is the operating system of choice, where OnePlus will not be using Google’s Wear OS and will instead feature its own custom platform.

Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Could DItch Tizen In Favor Of Wear OS
While a lot of other manufacturers have been more than happy to hop on board the Wear OS wearable platform made by Google, Samsung has been trying to forge ahead with their own path by using Tizen. So far Samsung has been fairly successful with it, with its smartwatches actually being quite popular.

Hublot Unveils Its New Big Bang e Smartwatch
In the early days of the smartwatch, many luxury watchmakers were skeptical and almost dismissive of the idea, but many have since fallen silent after seeing the success of wearables like the Apple Watch, some have even gotten in on the action, like Hublot who has taken the wraps off their latest smartwatch, the Big Bang e.

Fossil Smartwatches Can Now Make Calls With The iPhone
Unlike the Apple Watch that requires an iPhone for it to work, Google’s Wear OS smartwatches actually play nice with the iPhone, at least to a certain degree. One of the features that it seems to be lacking is the ability to make calls on the iPhone through the smartwatch, even if the iPhone is connected and paired with it.

Nest Kills App Support For Apple Watch And Wear OS
Smartwatches are a pretty clever invention, especially since they allow us to do many things without having to reach for our phone. For example, we can send text messages, read notifications, get reminders, set alarms, and so on. There was even a point in time where we could control our smart home devices such as Nest.

Hangouts App For Wear OS Bites The Dust
Google has been gradually moving away from Hangouts over the past couple of years. It will be transitioning G Suite users from the classic Hangouts service this year. The same change would also be made for individual users after that. Hangouts continues its march towards its eventual demise as the Wear OS app now bites the dust.

Google’s Wear OS Only Accounts For 12% Of The Smartwatch Market
While Google might be enjoying massive success with its Android mobile platform, the same cannot really be said about the company’s attempts with wearables, where based on the latest figures by NPD, it seems that Wear OS only accounts for 12% of the smartwatch market, leaving the rest of the pie to other companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit.

Google Has A Bunch Of New Devices Planned For 2019
We know that Google will be launching new Pixel smartphones this year, and now according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, they have detailed the hardware that Google could be launching this year which includes the Pixel smartphones, a budget Pixel smartphone that we have been hearing about for a while now, a new Google Home, and the Pixel Watch.

Google Spends $40 Million On Mystery Smartwatch Tech From Fossil
The Fossil Group has pumped out dozens of Wear OS (Android Wear) based smartwatches over the years so it has been a great partner for Google’s wearable ambitions. The two companies have now inked an agreement which has Google acquiring some undisclosed smartwatch technology from Fossil for $40 million. The folks in the research and development division who created this technology will also be moving over to Google.

Whirlpool To Launch Wear OS App For Connected Appliances
Whirlpool has announced that it’s expanding the mobile capabilities of its connected appliances by launching a Wear OS (Android Wear) app. This will enable smartwatch owners to remotely communicate with select kitchen and laundry appliances from Whirlpool while they’re away from home.