Smartwatches are a pretty clever invention, especially since they allow us to do many things without having to reach for our phone. For example, we can send text messages, read notifications, get reminders, set alarms, and so on. There was even a point in time where we could control our smart home devices such as Nest.

Unfortunately, if you own Nest products, it seems that the company has ultimately decided to kill off support for wearables. This means that if you own a Wear OS device or an Apple Watch, you will no longer be able to use the Nest app. If you were to launch the app, you would be greeted by the message saying, “Nest is no longer supported for Wear OS” and then be prompted to uninstall it.

It is unclear why Google has decided to kill off Nest support for wearables. When the app was still working, it allowed users to do things like adjust the temperature on the Nest thermostat directly from their smartwatch. It also allowed users to set their Nest home to Home or Away status, and also get notifications from devices like the Nest Protect.

Perhaps this could be part of Google’s exercise in rebranding Nest, but either way until the company says otherwise, it looks like you’ll still need to use your smartphone to make changes to your Nest products.

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