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Windows 8 $15 Promotional Upgrade For Win 7 PCs Ends Thursday
If you recently purchased a Windows 7 PC, you’re probably aware Microsoft has given those customers the opportunity to upgrade their machines to Windows 8 for only $15. The $15 upgrade offer was first started back in August 2012, and it looks as though Microsoft will no longer be offering this upgrade starting this Thursday.The process of upgrading your Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 PC isn’t a very long […]

i-Mate Has Plans For A Windows 8 Phone Product
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s desktop operating system, while Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s answer to the mobile space. However Windows 8 Phone? That sounds like an interesting hybrid, doesn’t it? That’s pretty much what company i-Mate is looking to do by creating a mobile device that will run on Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8. According to a report from The Seattle Times, i-Mate is currently at MWC and they’re […]

Windows Phone App For Windows 8 Updated
If you happen to be an owner of one of these new fangled Windows Phone 8 devices, then listen up! It does not matter if you are jiving to Nokia’s Lumia series or the HTC Windows Phone 8X, either way, you can hook it up to a computer that runs on Windows 8 or Windows RT, thanks to the official Windows Phone app for Windows 8 which was recently updated […]

Microsoft Job Postings Confirm Additional Windows And Windows Phone Blue Details
There is nothing quite like a job posting to reveal information on upcoming projects, as we have seen that happen time and again in the past. Well, one of the more recent job postings by Microsoft did claim that Windows Blue will include user experience improvements, apart from just interface tweaks that happen underneath the proverbial hood. Not only that, there was also a reference to ‘Windows Phone Blue’ spotted […]


Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox For Windows 8
Mozilla is said to have introduced the most recent nightly build of Firefox for Windows, and when done on a computer that is powered by Windows 8, you will find that you can then launch the spanking new “Metro” style Firefox app from the Windows Start Screen itself. Of course, bear in mind that you are not supposed to download Firefox Metro from the store itself, but the nightly build […]

Microsoft delivers patches for Windows 8 and Windows RT
Microsoft has released fixes and patches for a total of 57 known issues today. The updates will fix critical security holes and fix more than 12 vulnerabilities. The major fix is for Windows RT and Surface RT users who are experiencing issues with the App Store Downloading functionality. Automatic updates would start downloading updates and put the system in “Connected Standby” . Users were unable to get Windows Store applications.Another […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Is Sold Out
Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out - on its launch day, customers have picked up all surface pro tablets from Microsoft, online and offline. Of course, the question is: how many were produced.

Microsoft Surface Pro Review
The Surface Pro is out and our complete review is ready. Like it or not, the Surface Pro is one of the most anticipated tablet of this first quarter of 2013 and it’s easy to understand why: it is the reference tablet that is supposed to prove that a full Windows 8 Pro tablet is functional and viable and it is Microsoft’s way to set the bar for the rest […]

Windows 8 Tablets Wanted By 32 Percent of Global IT Workers [Report]
If you ask your friends and family what kind of tablet they would like for a present, it’s safe to say they’d mention the iPad based on how well they’ve been selling over the years. But if you were to ask information workers what kind of tablet they’d like, you might receive a different answer altogether.According to a survey conducted by global research and advisory firm Forrester, 32 percent of […]

Windows 8 Pro Upgrades Will Only Cost $69.99 For Students Beginning February
If, for some reason, you’re stuck on using an old Windows OS, then you might want to take action before January ends. That’s because, as reported two weeks ago, the nifty $40 upgrade promotional offering will be ending tomorrow, January 31st. Beyond that date, the upgrade price will climb higher to $200. But students, however, are getting a special treatment from Microsoft beginning February 1st. Microsoft has announced today that […]

Microsoft Certified Professionals Will Apparently Help You "Downgrade" From Windows 8 To Windows 7 For A Fee
I’ll admit it – I like Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8’s layout. It’s very neat and organized and everything just falls into place nicely, however after being used to the Start menu button for more than a decade, trying to navigate Windows 8’s UI got me a little confused at first. Of course this experience will differ from user to user, such as more tech savvy users who […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Availability Officially Announced
Folks, Microsoft has just announced the availability of its Surface Pro tablet in the U.S. and Canada. Mark your calendars, because the Surface Pro will be available for purchase on February 9th at all Microsoft retail stores and via online. The much-awaited tablet is also heading to Best Buy and Staples in the U.S. and Canada. Microsoft also confirmed that the 64GB model will be priced at $899 in the […]

Windows 8 Pro Upgrades Will Cost $200 Starting February
Back in July, we reported on the price to upgrade your Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8 Pro to be only $40 as a promotional offering from Microsoft. If you haven’t upgraded your PC to Windows 8 Pro, you may want to do so right this second as Microsoft is announcing the promotional upgrade price of $40 is going to end soon.Up until January 31st, those […]

Asus VivoBook S400 With Windows 8
Want to get all touchy-feely with the missus because you are feeling a bit frisky, but she is not quite up to your romantic advances? Well, good thing consumer electronics devices these days tend to come with touchscreen displays so that you can channel your frustrations over to them. Windows 8 is an operating system that supports a touchscreen user interface where possible, and the Asus VivoBook S400 has certainly […]

ASUS Reportedly Interested In Windows 8 Mobile Devices
Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, an ASUS executive has reportedly told the publication that the company is currently in talks with Microsoft about licensing the Windows 8 platform for mobile devices. Given that ASUS has probably made a bigger splash in terms of tablets (think Transformer and Nexus 7) than smartphones, it will be interesting to see what the company will be able to bring to the table in […]

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Chomps Its Way To Windows 8
One of my absolute favorite arcade games to play on a lazy Sunday has got to be Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. The game is absolutely amazing and adds a number of new, incredible game modes to the classic Pac-Man formula. The game has been released on console and mobile, but has yet to make its way to the PC. Namco Bandai has finally announced Pac-Man Championship Edition DX […]

Microsoft Sells 60M Windows 8 Licenses
[CES 2013] Regardless if you like the direction Microsoft took Windows with its Windows 8 OS, it seems the company is celebrating a milestone today as Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses.Unfortunatley, with today’s news, Microsoft didn’t disclose just how many of those licenses are based on consumers purchasing Windows 8 or how were sold in bulk to vendors and enterprises, but the Windows blog team had the following to […]

Dell updates Inspiron R laptops for 2013
[CES 2013] One of the major pet peeves about using a laptop to work on the go is the fact that you can’t go long without plugging it into a power socket. Dell’s answer to this problem has been its Inspiron R laptop series: laptops with impressive battery life. Well, it looks like the company has decided to upgrade them for this year. While still maintaining its optical drive, Dell […]

ViewSonic Unveils 23-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch Windows 8 Touch Displays
We are at CES 2013, and ViewSonic has just unveiled three of its latest touch displays running Windows 8 OS. Enter ViewSonic’s TD 40 Series, which includes the 23-inch TD2340, the 27-inch TD2740, and the 32-inch TD3240. The TD 40 Series is all about interactivity, and they come with a 10-point projected capacitive touch technology that offers a good touch experience to its customers.

Vizio 14-inch Thin + Light Touch Notebook
[CES 2013] We have seen our share of new touch notebooks for Windows 8 and today, Vizio is coming to CES with its Thin+Light Touch lineup. The 14-inch model runs the AMD A10 4657M Quad Core 2.3GHz  processor with 8GB RAM and features a HD+ (1600×800) touch display.From the product photo we have, the aluminum unibody chassis looks thin and elegant, at 0.66-inch it is slimmer than the 13-inch Macbook […]