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Windows 8.1 Is An 'Update That Refines The Vision of Windows 8'
Microsoft detailed a number of changes it will introduce in Windows 8.1.

Samsung ATIV Tab 3: Super-Thin Windows 8 Tablet
In London, Samsung has also revealed the ATIV Tab 3, a super-thin Windows 8 tablet that is only 8.2mm thick, but yet running a “full” Windows 8 OS powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 processor and 2GB of RAM. That is just one of the thinnest (if not “the” thinnest) Windows 8 tablet design that we have seen to date. On the surface, the ATIV Tab 3 looks like a […]

The Lyon Is A 7" Windows 8 Reference Design Tablet That Could Cost $350
Tablets come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the larger 10” models to the more diminutive 7”, and if you wish that there would be more 7” Windows 8 tablets, ODM Inventec showed off a 7” prototype codenamed Lyon at Computex in Taiwan last week. Like we said, this is a prototype and is meant to be a reference model, meaning that companies who don’t have the funds of […]

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 And Office Price Cuts For OEMs
A couple of months ago we heard a rumor that suggested that Microsoft could be looking to cut the price on Windows 8 and Office in a bid to attract more OEMs to their platform. As it turns out the rumor was true as Microsoft has confirmed this themselves. This is according to Microsoft’s OEM division head, Nick Parker, who confirmed this during Computex 2013 which is currently held in […]


Small Windows 8 Tablets To Be Bundled With Office 2013
Microsoft announced at Computex 2013 that small Windows 8 tablets will come with Office 2013 pre-installed for free. The suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Halo: Spartan Assault Coming To Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 In July
Microsoft is announcing a new Halo game built for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 called Halo: Spartan Assault.

Asus VivoPC Unveiled As Windows 8-Powered Home Theater PC
Asus unveiled its VivoPC, which is their upcoming Windows 8-based home theater PC.

Microsoft Confirms Start Button Will Make A Return In Windows 8
The Start button has been confirmed by Microsoft to make an appearance in Windows 8 soon.

Toshiba Portege Z10T Detachable Ultrabook Preview
Toshiba has released its Portege Z10T, an 11.6″ Ultrabook/tablet hybrid that is designed for a professional environment where things like being a full-size computer, a real tablet and “dongle-free” (for Ethernet, VGA…) do really matter. The overall goal of the Z10T is to bring the best of both worlds in terms of tablet usage model, without sacrificing the computer feel. The typical user for a system like this would be […]

Acer Bulgari Tablet Runs On Windows 8
Acer could debut a new Intel Haswell-powered tablet known as the Acer Bulgari, so we await with bated breath on new developments.

AMD Exec Believes Hybrid Devices Are The Future
Thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8, we’re starting to see a fair number of hybrid devices being released into the market. For those wondering what we’re talking about, we’re talking about hybrid devices like laptops which have the ability to be transformed into a tablet with a touchscreen interface, albeit a rather big and heavy one. Thanks to the touch interface, interacting with your mobile computer has definitely changed, but is […]

New Microsoft Windows 8 Ad Has Siri Poking Fun At The iPad
Microsoft and their allies, Nokia, have not been shy at taking pot shots at their competitors, and in the latest Windows 8 ad, Microsoft seems to have taken Siri and turned it against Apple’s very own iPad! Basically the idea behind the ad was to show off what Windows 8 tablets can do, versus the iPad where we can hear Siri protest at how it can only do one thing […]

Leap Motion Gesture Controller Windows 8 Preview Ahead Of Beta
Leap Motion, the device built to bring touch-like gesture controls -without a touch screen- will enter into its beta phase soon. Before that, the company has posted a video to show what its vision for Leap Motion on Windows 8: watch the video above. The demonstration shows “real-world” use cases, including web browsing, zooming in and out test, navigating apps, movies and photos.

Microsoft Says It Pays To Upgrade To Windows 8
Microsoft wins either way when they recommend enterprises to make the jump to the latest version of their Windows operating system, touting that companies which do not migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 could eventually end up spending more than three times the support costs, not to mention a far more dreaded result, that is being exposed to additional security risks. Microsoft has plans to discontinue support […]