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Ubisoft Hints At New PS3/Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed Game
A couple of months ago, we had heard the rumors that Ubisoft was planning new Assassin’s Creed games. Given that Ubisoft has stated in the past that they are planning on annual Assassin’s Creed releases, this hardly comes as a surprise. However what did come as a surprise was that there were rumors of two Assassin’s Creed games.One of them is called Unity and it will be designed for next-gen […]

Titanfall For Xbox 360 Will Only Get Updates And DLCs After Xbox One And PC
In case you did not already know, Titanfall for the Xbox 360 is not made by Respawn. Instead the Xbox 360 port of the game was handled by another developer, Bluepoint, who by all accounts seems to have done a pretty good job with the Xbox 360 version of the game. That being said, it’s because of this that the Xbox 360 version of the game can expect to receive […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Released For Xbox One And Xbox 360
Earlier this month Spider-Man fans were given some very bad news. It looked like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for Xbox consoles had been postponed, or worse, even cancelled. Publisher Activision had said that “when and whether ASM2 is released on Xbox One is TBD.” It goes without saying that there’s a bit of confusion surrounding this game’s release, it was originally expected to be released on April 29th in the […]

Grid Autosport By Codemasters Coming This June
Codemasters had previously teased that it was gearing up to launch a new motorsport title. Initial reports suggested that perhaps it was going to announce a new F1 title that would be compatible with post previous and next-gen gaming consoles. However, Codemasters has actually announced Grid Autosport, a new motorsport focused title which will be making its way to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on Jnse 27th.


Titanfall Sales In The UK Up By 220% After Xbox 360 Version
While Titanfall for the Xbox 360 was delayed and launched later than the PC and Xbox One version of the game, its developers, Bluepoint Games, did promise gamers that it would be a “true experience” which many were worried about since the Xbox 360 isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One.Based on all the reviews that we’ve read so far about the Xbox 360 version, it seems that Bluepoint Games […]

Titanfall For Xbox 360 Will Not Be Coming To Games On Demand
If you’re the owner of an Xbox 360, you might have heard that Titanfall has launched as a boxed version for your console this week. Now we’re sure some gamers are wondering why isn’t the game available for download? After all Titanfall for the Xbox One is available as a digital download, so why not the Xbox 360 version?Well it turns out that maybe putting the game on Games on […]

GoPro Channel Xbox 360 App Release Tomorrow
Microsoft promised back in January that the GoPro app is going to be released for Xbox. On Tuesday, Xbox Live Gold subscribers around the globe will be able to view content through the GoPro Channel Xbox 360 app. The app will allow streaming and curation of video content. To commemorate the launch GoPro is offering two exclusive videos to the Xbox community. Captured through GoPro cameras, the videos show an […]

Xbox 360 Emulation On Xbox One Mulled
It is one thing to use existing technology on modern day consoles to emulate the older generation of consoles and their games, but just one generation behind might prove to be a far more difficult mountain to climb. According to Microsoft’s Frank Savage, they are thinking about the possibility of emulating the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One, when asked about such plans at the recent BUILD 2014 conference, saying, […]

Titanfall For Xbox 360 Will Be A "True Experience"
While Titanfall for the PC and the Xbox One have been getting quite a bit of attention, there has not been much said about the Xbox 360 version. Previously some have speculated that this is because the Xbox 360 version isn’t quite as exciting in terms of graphics due to the older hardware.In fact rumors have suggested that the game would run at a sub-720p resolution at 30fps, which while […]

Minecraft For Xbox 360 Crosses The 12 Million Copies Sold Mark
Minecraft is a game that safe to say is extremely popular. There are many reasons why people love the game. It could be that the ability to build up an entire world by yourself could have its appeal, or perhaps its somewhat retro graphics has a certain novelty value attached to it, but whatever your reason is for loving the game, it seems that there are millions around the world […]

Minecraft TU14 Update Arrives On Xbox 360 Today, PS3 Tomorrow
Fellow Minecrafters, here is some news that ought to offer a mid-week perk – the TU 14 update for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles will be out later today on the Xbox 360 first, while folks who are rocking to Minecraft on the PS3 will have to wait until tomorrow. You will find a slew of new items in this update, including all things emerald, a flower […]

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Free This Weekend
For the past few weeks Xbox owners would probably have been focused on Titanfall, as news about the new title continued to trickle in. A few days back Titanfall was finally launched for Microsoft’s console and it goes without saying that a lot of gamers would have immediately jumped on it. That said, there are plenty of other games as well that are much loved. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is one […]

Titanfall On Xbox 360 Delayed To April 8
We have heard plenty of good things about Titanfall so far, although its debut on the Xbox One platform earlier this month was marred by service errors as well as downtime. Unfortunately, there were reports of Titanfall for Xbox 360 will run at sub-720p at 30fps, which would not sit down well with fans of the game since they would have been expecting a whole lot more. Well, being the […]

Titanfall For Xbox 360 Will Run At Sub-720p At 30fps [Rumor]
So we know that Titanfall is almost like an exclusive for Microsoft’s platforms as the game has only been launched on Windows, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One (a Mac version is still being considered and is under discussion at the moment).Now we have seen and reported on a fair amount of coverage regarding the PC and Xbox One version of the game, but oddly enough we haven’t really […]

Xbox 360 Spring Value Bundle Announced
If you think that the Xbox One happens to be the bee’s knees, and have forgotten all about the Xbox 360, we are here to remind you that the aged console has some life yet in its legs. In fact, the Xbox 360, despite being 8 years old in the market already, has just been announced to arrive in a new bundle that will be accompanied by a pair of […]

Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale Kicks Off
Even though Microsoft wants gamers to scoop up its latest console, the Xbox One, it hasn’t forgotten about millions of Xbox 360 owners. This particular console was quite successful back in the day, and still commands respect even though it has been succeeded. To make your winter more bearable, Microsoft formally kicked off the Xbox 360 ultimate game sale, offering discounts on popular Xbox 360 titles. The discounts will be offered for […]

New Xbox 360 Chrome Controllers Revealed
Despite the fact that the Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console, we’re pretty sure there are still many gamers out there who are holding on to their Xbox 360 units, probably due to the large library of games that they might have amassed over the years, and also probably because the Xbox One is still pretty pricey at $499 and there aren’t too many games available for the platform just […]

The Wolf Among Us Xbox 360 Season Pass Issue Irks Customers
Yesterday, the second episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us was released. Fans were quite excited for the new episode, but imagine their disappointment when they found out that season passes for this fables-based series were facing an issue. It appears that The Wolf Among Us Xbox 360 season pass holders aren’t been given the option to download the latest episode, even though they should have, that’s the entire premise […]

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Launches This April
With a football World Cup scheduled to take place this summer, fans of the game are likely to look towards Electronic Arts to release a updated game to tie in with one of the world’s largest sporting events. EA is doing just that, today it announced 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, this game will be launched on Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 on April 15th in North America.

Halo: Spartan Assault Set To Hit Xbox 360 On January 31
The seemingly never ending battle between humanity and the Covenant has reached new heights as Halo: Spartan Assault hits Xbox 360 this coming January 31 – that is, tomorrow, for $14.99 a pop via digital download. There are more than 30 stimulating missions at your disposal, where you will be able to enjoy even more hours of gaming, letting you enjoy online cooperative mode and the Operation Hydra expansion which […]