Xbox Boss ‘Very Excited’ For The Next Xbox Console

Just last month, Sony effectively confirmed that there will be a PS5. What this means is that there is a good chance that there could be a next-gen Xbox console as well, given how intertwined Microsoft and Sony’s actions are as far as the console space is concerned. More recently it appears that Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer seems to be pretty excited about the future of the console.

Xbox One To Get Keyboard & Mouse Support November 14

For a while now we have been hearing that keyboard and mouse support would be coming to the Xbox One. Microsoft even confirmed this by announcing a partnership with Razer a couple of months ago. In terms of availability, the good news is that it looks like gamers won’t have to wait much longer.

Xbox Game Pass Will Be Coming To PCs Eventually

With Microsoft owning both the Windows and Xbox platforms, it’s not surprising that some features are integrated with each other, such as the Play Anywhere feature in which some games that are playable on the Xbox are also playable on your Windows PC. The good news for Windows gamers is that it looks like another Xbox feature could be headed our way.

Microsoft Prototyping Xbox Controllers For Mobile Devices

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Project xCloud which is the company’s attempt at launching a video game streaming service. The theory is that since all the computing and most of the hard work is done remotely on servers, this means that technically all games can be played on all sorts of devices, including mobile.


Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Streaming Service

Microsoft has announced its Xbox game streaming service today titled Project xCloud. It will be capable of streaming Xbox games to consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. Microsoft has said that scaling and building out the service is a “multi-year” project for the company and that it will begin public trials of Project xCloud in 2019 so that “we can learn and scale with different volumes and locations,” according to Microsoft’s […]

Xbox Adaptive Controller Is Now Available For Purchase

Microsoft announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller for differently abled players a couple of months ago. The controller helps people with disabilities to play games on Xbox. The company billed it as the most flexible adaptive controller made by a major gaming company. It started taking pre-orders for it back in June and has now announced that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is readily available for purchase.

Microsoft Has Put Its Xbox VR Headset On Ice

With Sony seeing considerable success with the PlayStation VR, many have asked Microsoft if it’s going to launch a virtual reality headset for the Xbox. Mike Nichols, the company’s chief marketing officer for gaming, said in June this year that Microsoft has no plans to launch a VR headset for the Xbox in the near future. A new report reveals that Microsoft had been working on one but decided to […]

Xbox Game Pass App Launched On iOS & Android

If you’re an Xbox gamer, it appears that during Gamescom 2018, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass will be getting an app of its own and will be launching on both iOS and Android. This app will allow Xbox gamers to browse the Game Pass library so that they can check out all the latest releases while on the go.

Battlefield 1’s Summer Update Patch Has Been Released

Just yesterday the official Battlefield account tweeted that Battlefield 1 would be receiving a Summer Update patch in which it would be bringing about various improvements and changes to the game, one of which is that the game would finally be bringing 4K support for the Xbox One X.

Battlefield 1 For Xbox One X Gets 4K Support

With consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X, playing games in 4K resolution has become a default feature, whereas in the past things like resolution and framerate would often depend on how well the developer has chosen to optimize their game for the console. For those who are still playing EA’s Battlefield 1, there is good news for you guys.

Next-Gen Xbox Could Be More Than One Device

Many are no doubt curious as to what next-gen consoles could be like. In the case of Microsoft, it seems that for their next-gen Xbox plans, there is a chance that the company could be looking to launch more than one device. This is according to a report from industry insider Paul Thurrott who has in the past accurately predicted these things.

Microsoft No Longer Planning VR Support For The Xbox

Sony and Microsoft tend to follow each other closely when it comes to their consoles and gaming initiatives. For example both the PS4 and Xbox One were launched at roughly the same time, and ultimately both also ended up being priced pretty similarly to each other as well. This is why it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft would support VR on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s New Xbox May Be Released In 2020

Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed during the company’s E3 2018 presentation that the hardware team is already working on the next Xbox console. This was the first we heard from the company about its next-gen console plans and while details remain slim at this point in time, a new report suggests that Microsoft’s new Xbox is going to be released in 2020.

Seagate Launches New 2TB Xbox SSD

Several new games have been announced for the Xbox One at E3 2018 so far. Microsoft itself premiered 15 games during its press event which means that Xbox owners will certainly need to free up some space on their consoles for the new titles. Seagate has got them covered with its new 2TB Game Drive for Xbox SSD. It’s a flash-speed SSD drive that’s designed exclusively for the Xbox One.