Battlefield 1 For Xbox One X Gets 4K Support

With consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X, playing games in 4K resolution has become a default feature, whereas in the past things like resolution and framerate would often depend on how well the developer has chosen to optimize their game for the console. For those who are still playing EA’s Battlefield 1, there is good news for you guys.

Next-Gen Xbox Could Be More Than One Device

Many are no doubt curious as to what next-gen consoles could be like. In the case of Microsoft, it seems that for their next-gen Xbox plans, there is a chance that the company could be looking to launch more than one device. This is according to a report from industry insider Paul Thurrott who has in the past accurately predicted these things.

Microsoft No Longer Planning VR Support For The Xbox

Sony and Microsoft tend to follow each other closely when it comes to their consoles and gaming initiatives. For example both the PS4 and Xbox One were launched at roughly the same time, and ultimately both also ended up being priced pretty similarly to each other as well. This is why it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft would support VR on the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s New Xbox May Be Released In 2020

Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed during the company’s E3 2018 presentation that the hardware team is already working on the next Xbox console. This was the first we heard from the company about its next-gen console plans and while details remain slim at this point in time, a new report suggests that Microsoft’s new Xbox is going to be released in 2020.


Seagate Launches New 2TB Xbox SSD

Several new games have been announced for the Xbox One at E3 2018 so far. Microsoft itself premiered 15 games during its press event which means that Xbox owners will certainly need to free up some space on their consoles for the new titles. Seagate has got them covered with its new 2TB Game Drive for Xbox SSD. It’s a flash-speed SSD drive that’s designed exclusively for the Xbox One.

Microsoft Claims They Are Already Working On The Next Xbox

The Xbox One X was released back in 2017 and it was essentially an upgraded version of the Xbox One that would support native 4K gaming, but for those wondering what else could be in store for the Xbox consoles, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has revealed that they’ve already started work on the next one.

Microsoft Wants To Know How To Make The Xbox More Accessible

With the recent launch of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, it brought Microsoft one step closer to making its Xbox platform more accessible than before. However their job is definitely far from over and in a bid to help make the Xbox platform more accessible for games with disabilities, they are seeking feedback from the public.

Analyst Claims Next-Gen Xbox & PlayStation Will Arrive In 2020

Many are understandably curious as to what the future might hold for consoles. Could companies be looking to launch brand new consoles, or could it be like the analysts predict and that we might see incremental upgrades with every refresh? That definitely remains to be seen, but as far as one analyst is concerned, 2020 could be the year we see next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Xbox May Update Will Add 120Hz Display Refresh Rate

The gaming experience can be affected by a variety of things, such as graphics, story, the design of the game’s UI, voice acting, and so on, all of which can add (or detract) from the overall experience. The good news for those prioritize how a game looks on the screen, the upcoming May update for the Xbox could be worth looking forward to.

Future Xbox Consoles Could Sport GDDR6 RAM

We’re not sure when Microsoft is expected to introduce the next Xbox. After all it wasn’t too long ago that the Xbox One X was launched, which means that we’re probably a couple of years away at the very least from seeing anything new. However this doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t already working on something.

Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Gets Xbox Live Achievements

As you guys might have heard, back in 2017 Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be getting cross-platform support which included Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch. Now it seems that in addition to cross-platform support, Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch will be getting Xbox Live achievements as well.

Five Original Xbox Games Will Likely Get Compatibility For Xbox One

Microsoft has made a handful of titles that were released for the original Xbox backwards compatible with the Xbox One and it appears that the company will soon be adding five more titles to that list. Microsoft is likely going to reveal its plans today about Xbox One backward compatibility and particularly about the five new titles that have been spotted in Xbox Games Store listings.

Microsoft’s Bans Offensive Language On Xbox Live, Skype

It seems that the next time you use Microsoft’s Xbox Live or Skype services, you’ll want to make sure you check what you say because in an updated policy (via MobileSyrup), it looks like Microsoft wants to cut down on users using offensive language where if a user is caught doing that, they might be suspended or banned from using either service.

Xbox Boss Willing To Let Banjo & Kazooie Appear In Super Smash Bros.

Just the other day Nintendo confirmed that Super Smash Bros. will be headed onto the Nintendo Switch later this year. The teaser trailer the company shared revealed that new characters would be headed for the game for the Switch version, which includes characters from Nintendo’s Splatoon franchise.