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Purported Xperia Z4 Hands On Images Leaked
Over the past few weeks there have been several rumors about the Sony Xperia Z4. Sony has not yet officially unveiled its flagship smartphone for 2015 it is believed though that the company will make an official announcement in the near future. Multiple leaked photos are already circulating online and today purported Xperia Z4 hands on images have emerged as well, possibly showing us what Sony’s next flagship really looks like.The […]

Xperia Z4 Leaked Pictures Appear Yet Again
Sony has still not officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone but doesn’t stop the rumor mill from churning. Already we have seen countless leaks pertaining to the Sony Xperia Z4 and it doesn’t seem like this cycle is going to stop any time soon. More alleged Xperia Z4 leaked pictures have emerged online possibly giving us a glimpse of what Sony’s next flagship smartphone looks like.

Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Hits The FCC
It is more or less a given that the Sony Xperia Z4 is a smartphone that will hit the market in due time, and as a rite of passage, it will first need to make its way to the FCC for approval. Having said that, an alleged Sony Xperia Z4 has apparently appeared on the FCC in order to obtain the necessary certification before it can be released to the […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Makes An Appearance On GFXBench
We have seen flagships from Samsung and HTC at MWC 2015 earlier this month, which means that as far as the major OEMs are concerned, we have yet to see Sony’s, LG’s, or Motorola’s just yet. Now the Sony Xperia Z4 has been pegged for a launch before September 2015 and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering about its specs.Well, wonder no more as the Sony Xperia Z4 […]


Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 LCD Digitizer Leaked Online
The Sony Xperia Z4 might not necessarily have the same hype as the Samsung Galaxy S6 did prior (and after) its launch, but the handset has its fair share of fans. Recently we saw an alleged leaked render of the handset make its way online, and now thanks to a new leak, the Xperia Z4’s LCD digitizer has made its way online as well, along with some of its specs […]

Purported Xperia Z4 Image Leaked Online
The rumor mill has lots of things to say about Sony’s upcoming flagship smartphone. Xperia Z4 was not part of the company’s announcements at Mobile World Congress 2015. At the event in Barcelona it did announce the Xperia Z4 tablet. The smartphone is going to be unveiled later this year. Today a purported photo of Sony’s next flagship has been leaked online.

Mysterious Render Surfaces, Speculated To Be The Sony Xperia Z4 [Rumor]
By now we’re sure most of you guys have learnt that the Sony Xperia Z4 was not announced at MWC 2015. That being said the handset does exist and according to Sony, it will be announced later in the year and possibly before September 2015. Unfortunately it is pretty much anybody’s guess as to what the phone looks like unless recently leaked images are anything to go by.Speaking of leaked […]

Sony Reportedly Trying To Fix Snapdragon 810 Heat Dissipation In Xperia Z4
Sony isn’t expected to unveil the Xperia Z4 until later this year but already there have been many rumors about this device. Purported specifications have already been seen in leaked benchmarks. Several parts have been leaked as well. Word on the street is that Sony is now working hard to fix heat dissipation from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor in the Xperia Z4.

Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Frame Compared To The Xperia Z3
The Sony Xperia Z4 was missing from Sony’s announcements at MWC 2015, although the company did recently confirm that the handset will be announced later this year. It is unclear if Sony will be going with a major redesign for the Xperia Z4, but thanks to an alleged leaked photo of the handset’s frame, it certainly does not look that way.As you can see in the images and below, there […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Will See A Launch Before September 2015
In case it wasn’t obvious by now, Sony did not announce their new flagship smartphone the Xperia Z4 at MWC 2015. What does this mean? Well it pretty much means that we can only expect to see the announcement later on in the year, but just in case you were a bit skeptical, Sony has reassured us that the phone will be coming.This is according to Tim Harrison, Sony’s VP […]

Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Dual SIM UI Spotted
It looks like the world of rumors are lit up once again, where this time around we have screenshots that have allegedly depicted user interface shots of the Sony Xperia Z4 Dual SIM. This more or less confirms that the flagship device will arrive with a Dual SIM version in due time, and in one of the alleged screenshots that leaked out, it pointed to a Qualcomm MSM8994 chipset which […]

Partial Sony Xperia Z4 Specs Possibly Revealed On Geekbench
We have been hearing the rumors that Sony could be thinking of not announcing the Sony Xperia Z4 at MWC 2015, instead choosing to launch it in the summer. In fact recently we had learnt that Sony’s presence at MWC could be a small one which would only comprise of a booth as the company would basically pass on hosting a press event.That being said regardless of when Sony plans […]

Purported Sony Xperia Z4 Front Panel Leaked
Sony has sent out invitations for its Mobile World Congress 2015 event. We know that it has new products to announce. Xperia Z4 should be the next flagship smartphone from this company and there have been a steady stream of rumors and reports about this device. Today a user on Weibo, China’s Twitter, posted a picture of what is claimed to the front panel of the Sony Xperia Z4. It […]

Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Certified In Indonesia
Just about everyone knows that there will be a new flagship device from Sony arriving later this year, and it will no doubt continue from where the Sony Xperia Z series left off – which would mean the latest model number would be known as the Sony Xperia Z4. The thing is, there is still not much information on this device, but we have discovered that an alleged Sony Xperia […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Might Skip MWC, Launch In The Summer Instead [Rumor]
With Sony passing up the opportunity to launch their next flagship smartphone at CES 2015 earlier this month, we can only assume that they will take advantage of MWC 2015 to launch the Sony Xperia Z4, however if the recent rumors are to be believed, that might not even be happening either.The folks at Xperia Blog have heard from their sources that Sony might not be announcing the Xperia Z4 […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Dual SIM Variant Rumored
A recently leaked document – where this particular document has been alleged to have origins from a Federal Communications Commission listing, might be the smoking gun that folks have been looking for all this while when it comes to a Sony Xperia Z4 with Dual SIM capability. Should this particular bit of speculation be true, then it would be the second flagship smartphone in the history of Sony to feature […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Makes An Appearance At The FCC
Many had originally expected Sony to announce their next flagship smartphone at CES 2015 as they had done previously, but we suppose that was not the case, and with MWC 2015 taking place in March, we suppose that could be a possible platform for Sony to launch the handset at instead.Previously we had reported that the Sony Xperia Z4 had received its certification in Japan, and now according to reports […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Receives Japanese Wireless Authority Certification
The Sony Xperia Z4 can be said to be a modern day unicorn – a mythical handset that has yet to see its existence confirmed, although there has been fleeting whispers of it around, such as having been shown off in secret at the recently concluded CES. How about rumors of the Xperia Z4 arriving in two models – one with a FHD display, while the other has a QHD […]

Walkman-based Sony Xperia Z4 Music Rumored To Be In The Works
Many years ago in the age of the feature phone, Sony had launched a Walkman-specific phone where the emphasis was placed on the music playback capabilities. However once Sony entered into the smartphone market, the distinction was lost. However according to new rumors, Sony could be thinking about launching a Walkman-based smartphone in the near future.The device has been tentatively dubbed the Sony Xperia Z4 Music. Presumably this is a […]

Sony Xperia Z4 Could Arrive In FHD And QHD Models
The Sony Xperia Z4, a smartphone was was allegedly spotted at the ongoing CES 2014, now has yet another rumor attached to it, this time around thanks to the folks over at Taiwan-based ePrice. ePrice cites an anonymous source (aren’t they all) that the upcoming Sony flagship smartphone, aka the Xperia Z4, will arrive in two models – one that will sport a 1080p display, while the other would carry […]