is a video-sharing website where users can upload videos. It is currently (7/2012) the largest such site, and was founded in 2005 by  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who all worked at PayPal before. While it mainly featured movies from regular folks (and some illegal user uploads) at the beginning, but eventually YouTube grabbed enough market share to attract higher quality content over the years. Now, there is something for everyone, and YouTube continues to push for high-quality content, while keeping the support from amateur video-makers. The company was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6B.

YouTube Removes Robot Battle Videos After Mistaking It For Animal Cruelty
Platforms like YouTube are home to millions of videos, which means that it would be a near-impossible task for humans to moderate all of its content. This is why the company uses algorithms and tools that are designed to help it identify certain types of content automatically and flag it for removal.

YouTube To Kill Off Its Built-In Messaging Feature In September
For a while now, YouTube has had a built-in messaging feature in which users could message each other and chat and share videos. However, it wasn’t always so obvious that the feature was present, which could be why after a couple of years of the feature being around, Google has announced that YouTube’s messaging feature will be killed off.

YouTube Originals Will Be Free To Watch After September 24
YouTube has largely relied on ads to generate revenue and to pay its creators. However, at some point in time, the company experimented with the idea of a paid service in the form of YouTube Premium, where for a monthly subscription, subscribers would gain access to features like YouTube Originals.

YouTube Premium Now Allows 1080p Offline Downloads On iPhones
Users who want to elevate their YouTube experience are encouraged to purchase a YouTube premium subscription which opens up several features. It allows them to play videos in the background, for example, and removes ads. It also lets them download content for offline viewing. YouTube premium subscribers will appreciate that they can now download videos in 1080p on their iPhone. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Android users.


6-Year Old Korean YouTuber Just Bought An $8 Million Home
Thanks to technology, making money no longer needs to be confined to more “traditional” jobs where one goes to an office from 9-5. Tech has paved the way for all kinds of new career opportunities, such as being a YouTuber in which there are more than a handful who are finding financial success with it.

YouTube App For The Nintendo 3DS Will Be Shutting Down In September
Nintendo’s 3DS is more than just a handheld gaming console. The console also comes with support for some apps, such as the YouTube app that allows gamers to watch videos on their consoles, a nice break from just playing games all day. However, if you do use the YouTube app quite a bit, you might be disappointed to learn that the app will be going away in September.

YouTubers In Europe Are Unionizing In A Bid For Greater Transparency
Every now and then, videos that are uploaded are taken down and sometimes channels are even temporarily suspended. This is due to alleged violations of YouTube’s policies which are understandable, although given that YouTube doesn’t always communicate this clearly to those in violation have left many creators disgruntled about the way the company handles such situations.

YouTube Music Makes It Easier For Users To Switch Between Audio And Videos
One of the features of YouTube Music is that it allows users to not only watch music videos, but they will also be able to stream regular music as well. However, this is usually an either-or kind of situation, where you can either choose to watch a music video or stream its audio, but that will now change.

Senators Ask The FTC To Investigate How Social Networks Curate Their Content
How do websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter determine topics that are supposedly relevant to you? Presumably, this is based on how you use their websites, where based on your searches, history, browsing habits, and so on, it will surface information that it thinks is most suitable for you.

YouTube Premium Will Help Users Download Videos Automatically
One of the features of Netflix is that it is smart enough to automatically download videos for offline viewing. This downloads videos for TV shows that you’re currently watching, so that you can keep watching them and accessing them even if you don’t have an internet connection. Now it looks like YouTube wants to do something similar.

YouTube To Revamp Its Copyright Infringement System
We’re sure that we’ve all come across YouTube videos which have either its music removed or the entire video taken down due to alleged copyright infringement. Sometimes these takedowns are legit and are at the request of record labels or movie studios, but sometimes, they are taken down by trolls who report videos even if there are no issues.

YouTube Arrives On Fire TV As Prime Video Lands On Chromecast And Android TVs
A feud between Google and Amazon had essentially forced users to pick sides since the companies blocked their services from each other’s platforms. So YouTube wasn’t available on Fire TV and Amazon Prime Video wasn’t available on Chromecast and Android TVs. This was bound to change after both companies announced that they were making peace and would allow the services on their respective networks. That’s precisely what has happened today.

UK Ad Regulator Defines Anyone With At Least 30,000 Followers As A ‘Celebrity’
Have you ever wanted the fame and recognition that comes with being a celebrity? If you do, then you might be interested to learn that according to the UK’s ad regulator, it seems that anyone with a social media following of at least 30,000 people can be technically considered as a “celebrity”.

YouTube Music Can Now Download Up To 500 Songs It Thinks You Like
One of the features of YouTube Music is its Offline Mixtape. This is a playlist that consists of 100 songs that are based on your listening history, which is basically YouTube’s way of recommending you songs that it thinks you like, and it also makes them available for listening offline for those times you don’t have an internet connection.