is a video-sharing website where users can upload videos. It is currently (7/2012) the largest such site, and was founded in 2005 by  Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who all worked at PayPal before. While it mainly featured movies from regular folks (and some illegal user uploads) at the beginning, but eventually YouTube grabbed enough market share to attract higher quality content over the years. Now, there is something for everyone, and YouTube continues to push for high-quality content, while keeping the support from amateur video-makers. The company was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.6B.

YouTube Introduces New Tools To Help Users Customize Recommendations
One of the ways YouTube keeps you on its website is by recommending you videos it thinks you might like. These are videos that are supposed to be similar to videos that you’re always subscribed to or have watched before, but for the most part, you don’t really get to choose or control what’s being recommended, at least until now.

YouTube Now Lets You Remove Channels From Recommendations
YouTube’s algorithms are quick to learn your interests and recommend channels and videos for your Homepage and Up Next sections. However, only you truly know what you want to watch, and sometimes the algorithms aren’t a 100 percent in their suggestions. That’s why YouTube today announced that it will now provide you with more control over your Homepage and Up Next videos.

YouTube Is Testing A New Way Of Displaying Comments On Android
Most of us have used the YouTube app on our phones. One of the ways to view the comments on our phones is by scrolling all the way down. This isn’t the most convenient way of viewing comments, but according to a report from XDA Developers, it appears that the company is testing out a new way of displaying comments on the Android app.

Old Music Videos On YouTube Are Being Remastered With UMG
You just can’t find the same quantity of music videos anywhere else that you do on YouTube. It’s one of the world’s go-to online services for listening to music as it’s free to watch videos on the platform and you could find just about any song there. However, many of the music videos are from the days gone by with visuals meant for old TVs with single speakers.


YouTube Could Move All Kids' Videos To The Dedicated App
YouTube has been tackling the issue of pedophilic comments on videos on young children but it has come under criticism for what many believe are steps that aren’t adequate enough. It shut down comments on videos with young kids earlier this year and also promised to implement smarter comment filtering using AI. However, the company might be looking to make a major change now by moving all kids’ videos to […]

YouTube Uses Augmented Reality To Let Users Try On Makeup Virtually
Online shopping has become the norm, but the downside to buying things online and not in person is that you can’t try them on, which means that you’ll have to take a gamble and hope that that dress you bought fits you perfectly, or that makeup you bought is the shade that is advertised and suits you.

This University Is Offering Admission To YouTubers With More Than 10,000 Subscribers
The world is changing these days where not only are there more ways to learn new things online, but also new ways to make money. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, it has become increasingly easy for people to find new streams of revenue. As with all careers, it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll become rich, but it has offered people alternatives.

Tesla Wants To Bring YouTube To Its Cars
Our cars are designed to take us from Point A to Point B, but it seems that in a bid to perhaps shake up the way we drive and how we view our cars, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has been coming up with some pretty novel ideas. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that he announced that Cuphead would be playable in Tesla’s cars. He also recently revealed that […]

YouTuber Gets 15-Month Jail Sentence For Toothpaste-Stuffed Oreos ‘Prank’
Over the past few years, there seems to have been a rise in people doing mean things to other people, recording it, and uploading it to YouTube under the guise of “pranks”. This is what YouTuber, Kanghua Ren also known as ReSet, did a couple of years ago when he published a video to his channel where he filled Oreo cookies with toothpaste and paid a homeless man €20 to […]

PewDiePie Loses As Rival Channel Becomes First To Hit 100 Million Subscribers
PewDiePie was the YouTuber with the most amount of subscribers for the longest time and for the most part, he seemed set to become the first to hit 100 million subscribers. However, Bollywood music channel T-Series started catching up to him which started off the whole PewDiePie vs T-Series competition. While the former bowed out of the competition a couple of months ago after T-Series overtook him, it has now […]

Google Is Forcing Microsoft Edge Preview Users To Use Chrome To Watch YouTube
It seemed like Microsoft might have slightly conceded to Google when the company announced their plans to rebuild its Edge browser based on Chromium, the same platform that Google’s Chrome browser is based on. However, it seems that isn’t enough for Google because according to reports, Google still very much wants Edge users to use Chrome.

YouTube Gaming App Shuts Down On May 30th
Google first announced late last year that it would sunset the standalone YouTube Gaming app in 2019. Since the company had decided to move the features of the app, it didn’t make any sense to keep the standalone version around for much longer. The company had initially said that the shutdown would take place in March but it has now confirmed that the app will be removed on May 30th.

Google Has An AI That Helps Clean Up Trashy Videos On YouTube
YouTube is home to millions of videos due to the ease of uploading them to its platform where anyone can upload a video at anytime they want. However, more often than not, many of us have probably encountered instances where videos end up being clickbait or are misleading, leaving us frustrated in the process.

Google Will Be Adjusting How YouTube Subscriber Count Is Displayed
In this day and age of social media, many of us have become obsessed with the number of likes a post gets, the number of subscribers we have, and so on. We’re not sure if this obsession is healthy, and as such, companies such as Instagram have tested out some ways to manage it, such as hiding the “Like” counter.