Android 6.0 Muffin Concept Imagined With Multi-Window Support

Last we checked, Android 5.x Lollipop’s distribution was sitting at around the 5% mark, hardly impressive given that the update was made available quite a while ago. However it seems that this has not stopped fans from wondering what Google might have in store for us in the next major Android update, which at the moment is tentatively referred to as Android 6.0 Muffin. Well at least for one fan, […]

IKEA Imagines The Kitchen Of The Future

IKEA is already keeping up with the times by creating furniture that comes with wireless charging technology built into it, and now it looks like the Swedish company is turning its sights to the kitchen where they are imagining what it would be like to cook in the future through the use of a variety of technology. At the moment if you’re trying to follow a recipe, you’d either have […]

Possible Sony Xperia Z4 Concepts Spotted On WikiLeaks

Yesterday we reported that WikiLeaks had released an online database in which users could search for leaked Sony documents. Now it seems that amongst those documents were several concept images that some have speculated could be for the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4. The images are also consistent with what an earlier rumor from yesterday that suggested that the handset could feature an all-metal body along with a fingerprint sensor. Now […]

Hyperkin Shows Off Smart Boy

There are certain concepts that can be explored from time to time, and these tend to border on the fantastical for one reason – they are but ideas, and are not held back by the likes of actual physical constraints. Having said that Hyperkin has just showed off the Smart Boy concept, where this particular device is said to be compatible with the classic Nintendo Game Boy titles, targeting the […]


Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Concept

If there is one particular good thing about concepts, it would be the simple fact that concepts are easy to think of, and the are not bound by the laws of physics as well as any other rules in the real world. Having said that, here is a unique concept motorcycle by Honda that might just pique your interest. It looks refined enough to be used on the streets, and […]

This Floating, Solar-Powered House Is Made From Recycled Materials

Building houses on land is pretty much how the majority of homes and buildings are built, however as land gets more scarce, instead of chopping down trees and reclaiming land, how about building on the water instead? No, we’re not talking about creating Atlantis, but how does the idea of a floating home sound to you? Italian architect Giancarlo Zema has recently come up with a floating house concept for […]

Kaymera Mobile Security Is Now Available For Samsung S5 and Nexus 5

  If you are one who cares about connectivity’s security, then this might pique your interest. Kaymera Technologies is a security services company based in Herzliya, Israel, and has recently created and launched an all-in-one, holistic mobile cyber defense solution. According to Avi Rosen, Kaymera CEO and co-founder, its ‘designed to defend against all types of advanced mobile cyber-attacks, hostile takeovers and applications misuse, and served in a usable and […]

Users Can Now Describe Their Genders On Facebook

No matter what’s your opinion on human genders may be, a truism that we can’t get rid of is that we are all complex creatures. Perhaps Facebook is indeed fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) after reporting their step up in the suicide prevention cause, Facebook is once again promoting themselves to be very socially responsible, where users can now use any terms they wish to describe their gender. It […]

Amazon Patents 3D Printers In Trucks To Speed Up Deliveries

Much of our world now is the science fiction of the past. Lately, to add to the proprietor of technology, Amazon has been experimenting with a new shipping methods; by installing 3D printers into their delivery trucks. Soon, customer would just have to wait a moment passes, as the Amazon’s truck parked onto homes’ curb would print the items that they have ordered online. This could rapidly change the outlook […]

iPhone 6c Concept Renderings Look Beautiful

Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones later this year, assuming they keep to schedule and follow tradition, but could Apple be thinking about releasing an iPhone 6c along the lines of the iPhone 5c from 2013? While we can’t be sure what’s in the cards at the moment, concept renderings of such a handset have surfaced. As you can see in the images above and below, the iPhone 6c […]

iPad Pro Concept With Stylus Shows What The Tablet Could Look Like

The iPad Pro, if the rumors are to be believed, is an upcoming iPad from Apple. However unlike the regular iPad or the iPad mini, the iPad Pro will actually feature a larger display which according to the rumors could be anywhere between 12-inches to 12.9-inches. It also has a feature which Apple has avoided all along – a stylus. While it’s anyone’s guess as to what the tablet could […]

Mouse Box Is But A PC Concept

When it comes to the traditional PC chassis, most of us would think of it as a regular square or rectangle case. Of course, those who prefer to custom build their PC from scratch would have better looking chassis, but how many of them come in a zany form factor? The Mouse Box for example, is a unique PC chassis that looks like a wireless mouse – albeit coming in […]

Whirpool Imagines A Jetsons-Like Kitchen

[CES 2015] Let’s face it – we live in an extremely connected world, and to make sure that homes of the future too, would remain connected in their special way – even in the kitchen, the folks over at Whirlpool have come up with a visualization of what it would look, and feel like, to return to such a concept. Enter the Whirlpool socially networked kitchen environment concept, where it […]

iPod Classic iPhone Cover Concept Is Pretty Cool

Apple has a Smart Cover designed for the iPad that basically protects the screen of the tablet and wakes it up when you open. We’re sure many are wondering why doesn’t Apple offer something similar for the iPhone, but we guess that’s what concept renders are for, right? Thanks to designer Claudio Gomboli, he has recently shown off a concept render for the iPhone that brings back some pretty fond […]