Adidas To Live Stream High School Football Games On Twitter

Adidas and Twitter have formed a partnership to launch a new series. It will be live streaming high school football games on the microblogging network. The series will be called Friday Night Stripes and viewers will be able to tune into the high school football games that take place across the United States. The show is going to broadcast Friday night games throughout the regular season from September 7th till […]

Facebook Makes It Difficult To Run Fakes Pages With Large U.S. Audiences

As it continues to take steps in order to prevent the flow of misinformation on its platform, Facebook has now revealed that it’s introducing Page publishing authorization. It’s going to start with people who manage a Page with the bulk of its audience based in the United States. It’s also adding primary country location and Page merge details into the Page Info tab that was launched in June.

Chrome Updated With Windows 10 Notifications Support

Chrome, one of the most widely used web browsers on the planet, has received an update for Windows this week. The update brings support for the native notification center in Windows 10. Google has actually been testing out support for Windows 10 notifications for Chrome over a few months now and it has finally rolled out this feature which will certainly make life easier for Chrome users on Windows 10.

YouTube May Soon Overtake Facebook As Second Biggest U.S. Website

Facebook has long been the second biggest website in the United States. It pulls in a monumental amount of traffic across the globe and indeed in the United States as well. It’s second only to Google which is the world’s most widely used internet search engine. However, it seems that YouTube is set to overtake Facebook as the second biggest website in the United States soon.


Censored Google Search Reportedly Being Prepared For China

Many of Google’s services remain blocked in China. Its core service, Google Search, was shut down by the company in 2010 due to the government’s attempts to “limit free speech on the web,” the company said back then. According to a new report, Google wants to return to China and is developing a censored search engine for the country. The China-specific Google Search will block websites such as Wikipedia and […]

Facebook Confirms New Campaign Is Trying To Influence U.S. Midterm Elections

Facebook has understandably been more vigilant about political social media campaigns being run on its platform ahead of the U.S. midterm elections after what happened during the last presidential elections. The social network today revealed that it has identified and banned suspicious accounts that were taking part in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” in what appears to be an attempt to influence the U.S. midterm elections.

Mozilla Seeks Your Opinion In Rebranding Firefox

Firefox may be the web browser that Mozilla is best known for but the fact remains that the company offers a whole suite of products that do more than just allow users to browse the internet. Mozilla has made new types of browsers in addition to new apps and services under the Firefox brand and the original icon with the fast fox and flaming tail doesn’t provide enough design tools […]

San Francisco Security Conference On July 31st

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YouTube Planning Original Programming For International Markets

YouTube Premium is the company’s own paid subscription service which provides subscribers with access to original programming in addition to other perks. The original programming has so far been limited for the U.S. market but the company is now thinking about making content for international markets as well. A senior YouTube executive has said that the company is working on scripted series and another original programming for markets such as […]

Watch Party On Facebook Lets You Watch Videos With Your Friends

In addition to being one of the biggest online platforms hosting user-submitted videos, Facebook has recently been making a major push into the online video streaming space. The company has thus introduced a new feature called Watch Party on Facebook which will enable users to watch Facebook videos with their friends simultaneously.

China Withdraws Approval For Facebook Subsidiary

We reported earlier this week that Facebook has been able to get a foot in the door in China. One of the world’s largest markets is off limits to the world’s largest social network. While Facebook itself remains blocked in China, the country allowed the company to open a subsidiary on the mainland. A new report reveals that China has now withdrawn the approval for Facebook’s subsidiary.

Netflix Confirms Locke & Key Original Series

It was first reported earlier this year that the horror comic Locke & Key might be picked up by Netflix for an original series. This has now been officially confirmed by the online video streaming behemoth. Netflix has been developing an original series based on the popular horror comic series Locke & Key.

How To Change Name on Facebook

A lot of us have had a Facebook account since the platform’s early years. During that era, it was common for people to use nicknames or pseudonyms on social networking platforms.

Firefox Starts Blocking Autoplaying Web Audio

Some of the most widely used web browsers already block autoplaying web audio. It can be a nuisance when you open a new tab and it immediately starts playing audio. The browsers offer users the ability to prevent that from happening. Firefox is joining that list of browsers as well since it has added an option to block autoplaying web audio.