QSOUND Solar Powered Bluetooth Headphones

We know that Bluetooth headphones are a boon to anyone who has had enough of the wired lifestyle, and engineering student Shepeleff Stephen could have stumbled upon a potential gold mine with his design of the solar-powered Bluetooth headphones known as the Q-SOUND headphones. Not only does it play nice with any other Bluetooth-enabled device (cell phones, portable media players, you name it), it also doubles up as a hands-free kit, allowing you to tackle calls whenever you need to. For folks who own devices that do not have Bluetooth and yet find the Q-SOUND’s design appealing, fret not. You can always hook it up to the said device via its 3.5mm jack. Each rubber-based earpiece can be adjusted to fit differently shaped and sized heads for a greater level of comfort. Each hour of direct sunlight can provide over 2 hours of running time when operating on maximum volume – not too shabby, eh?


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