Apple Now Allows 3G VoIP Over The iPhone

You may or may not have noticed it, but it seems that the beta version of the iPhone SDK 3.2 which was released in conjunction with the announcement of Apple’s iPad has some hidden gems inside it. We’re talking about Apple allowing VoIP over 3G now for its apps, which is something that many of us have been demanding for a long time now. As can be seen from recent announcements from iCall, Fring and Acrobits, developers have already taken advantage of the new opportunity and updated their apps to work over a 3G connection.

Running VoIP over 3G isn’t something new for many phones out there, but Apple has always had a restriction on it, so this is a welcome new ‘feature’ to the iPhone. With that in mind, it seems that there is a possibility of turning your iPad into a voice-chat device too, since you can run these iPhone apps. The teeny bit of bad news related to this is that you’ll still need to have a carrier that doesn’t mind you running VoIP over 3G, as some operators don’t allow VoIP over their 3G network, or charge you additional fees. AT&T did announce last October that it would allow VoIP over 3G, whichseems to jive quite nicely with this latest development.

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