More rumors of upcoming Apple devices with new iPad as one of them

The rumor mill works overtime this time round, with word spreading around that there will be a revised set of iPods coming out in due time (as though we don’t know that, Steve does it nearly every year), among them an iPod shuffle with a touchscreen display, a 7″ iPad that might make it out early next year, as well as a fifth generation iPhone that might hit the market as early as next January. Isn’t that a scary thought, especially when the iPhone 4 was just released not too long ago? As for the 7″ iPad, it could make the device all the more accessible to the masses due to its smaller form factor and a definite drop in price – remains to be seen whether Apple will take a similar two model route with the smaller iPad though, if it were to hit the market, that is. As for the fifth generation iPhone, could it actually be what the iPhone 4 was supposed to be? Only time will tell, and this is an opportunity for us to practice our patience.


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