While being on a motorcycle would certainly go a long way in helping you reach your destination at peak hours earlier compared to those driving a petrol guzzler, there are also risks associated with this particular mode of transport – we’re talking about getting clipped by a larger vehicle and falling down the wrong way, which could be fatal. At least you do what you can by wearing a helmet, but that offers only a certain degree of protection while your body remains exposed. Still, in the event where your head is about to receive a really large knock, a helmet is always better than none at all, and should paramedics arrive at the scene of accident to help transport you over to the hospital for treatment, the removal of a helmet is of utmost importance, which is why doing so carefully is vital to prevent additional trauma. The Splinter Motorcycle Helmet concept that was concocted by a student at Bournemouth University in the UK can be easily disassembled via side clips which unlock the interior, allowing the helmet to slide apart for easy removal. It might take some time before this concept hits the market, but when that happens expect many lives to be saved.

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