One of the key problems we currently face in our world is the pollution produced from cars. And one of the solutions used to combat this problem is electric cars, but since they are much too costly for most people to afford at the moment, so a designed has come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Called Biolamps, these lamps contain algae mixed with water, which converts the CO2 into oxygen which it then emits back out into the atmosphere. In addition to creating Oxygen, the lamp also converts the CO2 into a biomass which can be used to power up the lamps. If the lamp has more CO2 biomass than it needs, it uses an underground tube system to push it to the nearest filler station where it can be converted into a biofuel to power eco cars. Talk about innovative! It’s great to see technology being used to push our world into a greener state; hopefully technology like this will be implemented before it’s too late to save our world.

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