Kraft brands

If you’ve always hard a problem deciding on what you want to eat for a meal, fret not. Thanks to technology, choosing food is now a problem of the past. The folks over at the National Retail Federation have just unveiled their new Kraft Store Kiosk. The kiosk, developed between a partnership of Kraft and Intel was design to solve all problems that went into choosing what to eat. All users have to do is stand in front of the Kiosk, get your face scanned by the built-in cameras, and by the power of “Anonymous Video Analytics”, it can recommend you something to eat from the Kiosk. Using demographic data that Kraft has already been collecting about its customers, the analysis is supposed to give you something that you would like. If this technology will be applied to other outlets such as fast food joints in the future, it’s going to go places. And we’ll probably be on the downhill path to a nationwide health crisis – but that’s another story. Watch a video of how it works after the break:

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