Statistics are strange numbers that don’t always reflect what we think we see in our day-to-day lives. While there has been plenty of hype of 4G over CES, Nielsen has recently surveyed over 2,131 adults over some aspects of 4G and the results are interesting. Apparently 27% of the folks surveyed thought that the current generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, was a 4G device. Aside from that, 83% percent of the people surveyed have heard of the term 4G somewhere, and only 51% claim that they actually knew what 4G meant. These statistics probably won’t excite the folks over at T-Mobile and Verizon who are busy trying to promote their 4G networks. Still, with many 4G phones set to arrive this year, we’re guessing that the number of folks who know what 4G is will be on the rise.

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