Ever wished that you could listen to your music but still want to maintain your professional appearance when you’re working at a clinic? After all, there’s nothing more unprofessional looking than a doctor with a large pair of noise silencing headphones on. Introducing the Stetheadphones – designed specifically for such situations, will allow you to rock out to your favorite jams while dressed up in your lab coat. In fact, you could even wear them while working especially for those times when you need to concentrate and you find music helps. The headphones even come with a built-in mic to make answering calls on your phone a breeze. Plus, with the ear phones firmly embedded inside your ears, you’ll never worry about them dropping into an open patient while operating halfway. The Steheadphones isn’t available yet – it’s still a concept product at this stage, but I’m pretty sure many doctors would like to get their hands on a pair.

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