Most of us have working desks that are just there – its legs won’t suddenly spring to life and roll away in surprise, and neither will its drawers hold some sort of secret compartment to store your stash of Jelly Beans away from greedy colleagues. If it need be, we will be the ones doing the adjusting of our height when sitting down, so a chair that can be adjusted makes a whole lot more sense. Well, the Geek Desk does things differently, as it is electric powered so that you can adjust its height instead of your chair. Levitating from 26” to a maximum of 46.5″ in a matter of seconds, you are able to choose from mini and normal sizes. We think this is a pretty foolish purchase – instead of forking out $749 for the mini model, why not invest that money in a good office chair instead (which will probably be a whole lot cheaper, we might add)?

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