Opera Barracuda

We previously mentioned about Opera showing off the next version of its browser at SXSW, well it looks like they did more than that. Opera has officially released the beta version of their latest browser, Opera 11.10 – codenamed Barracuda, to the public. The new functions of the browser include: a revamped Speed Dial page for you to customize your favorite sites to easily access, and new layout choices, seamless installation of plug-ins – now when you visit sites that require plug-ins, Barracuda can automatically download it and install it in the background without you having to go on a hunt for the plug-in.  Barracuda is also based on a new browser core which makes it the fastest version of Opera and brings support for CSS3 multi-column layouts and gradients, Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Google’s WebP image protocol. Head here if you’d like to download the Opera 11.10 beta.

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