VIERA AR Setup simulatorWhen it comes to placing a TV in your home, it is often difficult to accurately judge where the TV will look the best, and from which location would be the most convenient for letting multiple people watch it at a correct angle. Panasonic Corporation recognizes this problem and has developed an iPhone app just for the job.

Called the VIERA AR Setup Simulator, all users need to do is place the AR marker on the spot where they want the TV to be and then look at it through the iPhone’s camera. The TV will then appear over there the AR marker is, giving the user a preview of what his/her living room would look like with the TV. Users can even walk around the “TV” and the different angles of the TV will show accordingly. And users can even choose from a whole selection of TVs, so they can find out the largest display they can fit on their shelf.

It ranks pretty high in terms of usefulness – the ability to preview whether a device will go well with your room’s décor or if it will fit nicely can help prevent regretted purchases. The VIERA AR Setup Simulator is available as a free download on the AppStore now. Watch a video of it in action:

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