When it comes to LEGO, clearly one’s imagination (and the kinds of bricks that you have) are more or less the only limitations to what you can create. What you see above is a LEGO Ukulele, and the even more amazing thing is this – it is fully playable, allowing you to make wonderful music with the rest of your mates, now the only thing left to do is to come up with a LEGO Guitar, LEGO Bass and LEGO drum set, and you’re good to go – calling yourself the Minifigs as a band.

Ross Crawford is the brain behind this brick ukulele, where you can play all of its four strings which are tuned to C, F, A and D. This proves that LEGO bricks, when properly used, can withstand the tension of 4 fairly tight strings without exploding. Interesting, and what other kinds of LEGO experiments do you think you would like to see – and build? It is one of the more interesting ways to lay your claim to fame in this Internet age.

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