Folks with jailbroken iOS devices don’t have a single app store like the App Store to download all their files from one location. However, some developers who call themselves the Infini Dev Team have decided to come up with a web-based app store which they hope will replace the multiple app stores available on a jailbroken device. Named “Lima” (for now), the app store will be web based, and accessible from the default iOS browser, Safari, on any iOS device. This ensures that users will be able to access the store from any jailbroken device.

A consolidated app store could be pretty good news for the jailbreak community. Developers no longer have to submit their apps to multiple stores, and users don’t even have spend time updating their store apps – since everything is online, they’ll always be using the latest version when they access the web store. And for those concerned, the Infini Dev Team has confirmed that they will be blocking two high-profile repositories that contained pirated copies of iOS apps – so the web store will only be offering legitimate apps for jailbroken phones. Watch a demo video of Lima in action after the break:

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