QR codes are starting to make a comeback, either that or we just have not fully explored the possibilities of QR codes which is why we’re starting to see more news about QR codes starting to pop up on the internet. Now thanks to Skanz, the company has developed what is known as Skanzbands which are wrist bands that feature a QR code on it containing your information, much akin to a business card, except it’s wearable.On a day to day basis it’s hard to imagine people working in the business industry sporting these bands but at a conference such as CE Week we’re guessing it will be a lot more practical, which is the event where Skanzbands will be making their appearance. Basically all one would have to do is use a QR scanning app on their phone and scan the wrist band and a successful scan will then take them to Skanz’s mobile website where the contact information of the band wearer. In such huge and crowded events it can be hard to memorize whose business car belongs to who and you may forget how that person looks like, so being able to view their contact information along with a photo will be handy in remember names and faces.

If you already have a QR scanning app then you won’t need to any additional apps although you can check out Skanz’s own QR scanning app called “Reader Skanz App” which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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