It seems that one of the manufacturers CPT, during the Display Taiwan show, managed to get their hands on a first generation iPad and modify its display, giving it a 3D display, producing what could pass off as an iPad with 3D display prototype. While they did not actually say it was an iPad, the stickers covering the Apple logo and various other related symbols and words on the back of the device was pretty much a giveaway, not to mention Apple’s infamous white cable was a pretty good indication of what the device really is.


Regardless, if you ever wanted to know what an iPad with 3D display looks like, CPT looks like they may have a pretty good working demo on display. This is not to say that we will be seeing an iPad with 3D display any time soon but it’s always nice to dream, but rather what this looks like is CPT’s way of drumming up some publicity for their products and we have to say it did the job pretty well.

We really don’t see Apple going down the 3D route any time soon but if you are interested, you may check out the demo video below, although you can’t really see the 3D so I guess you will have to take the word of the video’s narrator.

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