I think just about everybody hates the sound of alarm clocks. Say what you will about alarm clocks that let you choose from a variety of sounds, but being woken up suddenly at 7 in the morning to the sound of the rainforest or a normal alarm clock ring is still not very pleasant. What about instead of the shrill sound of an alarm, you could instead choose to be woken up by a fan or the smell of coffee?

Royal College of Art graduate Ki Hyun Kim has designed something like that, with his alarm clock which allows the user to plug in any electrical appliance of their choice. As you can see in the photo above, the alarm clock is not only a clock, but it doubles as a power plug, which means technically you could plug in any electrical device, i.e. a coffee maker, fan, lamp or radio.

So imagine when the alarm clock hits 7, the coffee maker turns itself on and you wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing, as opposed to the shrill sound of a typical alarm clock. Before you all get your credit cards out, the device unfortunately is not for sale as it was just a design project. Hopefully in the future Ki Hyun Kim will decide to start production, but for now let’s just sit back and think of the possibilities.

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